Mentorship Spotlight: Sheth, '93, and Nieto, '25

08 Sep 2023    

Sandeep Sheth and Joseph Nieto

Sandeep Sheth, ’93, and Joseph Nieto, ’25, are a pair in the Nebraska Law Mentor Program. Their shared connection to the college has led to an insightful, supportive mentorship that leaves a lasting impact.

Sheth has worked for Disney, Capital One, and TD Ameritrade, and is now senior legal counsel at PayPal. He said he hopes to communicate to Nieto what he calls the “stacking of skills”, which involves taking skills you bring with you to law school and making them relevant in a legal context. This advice has been especially impactful in Nieto’s approach to the interview process.

“Sandeep has been amazing at giving insight into what interviewers are looking for, and what I should be discussing and ready to discuss in interviews as well,” Nieto said. “He's been very helpful.”

Sheth also finds their bi-weekly conversations enlightening, as they allow him to stay engaged with the college and get feedback from Nieto on his own ideas.

“What I’ve noticed talking to Joseph is that there is a breadth of knowledge that younger attorneys bring to the table that’s phenomenal,” he said. “I'm really grateful that the law school has this program, otherwise, I never would have met Joe.”

Their talks also give Sheth a better understanding of the current academic environment and how new lawyers are thinking about their careers.

“That, to me, has been invaluable,” he said. “I would not have any other avenue of gaining that knowledge or that expertise.”

Nieto said one of the most significant lessons he’s learned from Sheth is how to stay motivated without growing pessimistic. Even though one may not get a specific position or achieve a certain goal, it's important to remember that there are still many opportunities available.

“Sandeep’s journey has been very motivating because he's worked at many great places doing a lot of different things,” he said. “And he still does a lot of pro bono work and puts himself out there to help people.”

The program has been especially impactful to Nieto as a first-generation law student. Trying to navigate law school without family members in the field can be difficult, he said, and Sheth has made all the difference.

“Having that sort of role model to look up to and to gain that wisdom from is indispensable,” he said. “You can't learn that in a classroom.”