JSD Student Defends Dissertation on Korean Space Law

08 May 2023    

Youngshin Ahn defends her dissertation with the defense committee and the program's associate director

Youngshin Ann (JSD ’23) successfully defended her dissertation entitled “National Space Legislation and Policy in the Republic of Korea: An Analysis of the Current Status and Suggestions for the Future Legal Regime” on May 8th, 2023. Ahn’s dissertation  provides a comprehensive evaluation of Korean space legislation and recommendations for improvement. The analysis focused primarily on South Korea’s four domestic space laws, their corresponding regulations, and compared them to international laws and other countries’ domestic space legislation. The first of its kind in the Korean academic community, her dissertation highlights South Korea’s compliance with international obligations, and proposes possible revisions to South Korean space legislation for a better legal framework in the future. Ahn’s committee included Nebraska Law Professor’s Frans von der Dunk and Matthew Schaefer, as well as Mark Sundahl, Professor at Cleveland State University Law.