Magilton and Nebraska Deterrence Lab Run Experiment with Regional FBI

31 Jan 2023    

Elsbeth Magilton

Elsbeth Magilton, Director of Externships and Executive Director of the SCTL Program, took part in an experiment with the Nebraska Deterrence Lab and regional FBI agents and analysts. Working to develop and test tools that can help inform decision-making analysis, the Nebraska Deterrence lab brings together faculty and students from both the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The experiment tested the use of a multi-actor deterrence analysis methodology (known as MADAM) as applied to potential threats to the Nebraska and Iowa agricultural economy. Potential threats could range from actions by terrorist groups to cyber threats, climate change, and more. 

The faculty and students worked with the FBI to obtain feedback on how MADAM could help to classify unfriendly actors and potential threats to recognize where vulnerabilities may exist and be exploited. Working together to prevent and deter future threats is a multidisciplinary endeavor requiring connections to be made within the fields of international affairs, national security, and foreign policy.

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