Professor Eric Berger narrates course on U.S. Constitution

03 Jan 2023    

Professor Eric Berger.

Professor Eric Berger has recorded 24 video lectures for a course entitled “The U.S. Constitution Through History," released in fall 2022 by Wondrium (formerly known as The Great Courses). This is Berger’s second Wondrium course about constitutional law. Throughout the course, Professor Berger discusses the U.S. Constitution from the time of its conception through 230 years of social and political change. 

The history of the Constitution is a history of the ideas that define our country and our national identity,” Berger said. 

The Earl Dunlap Distinguished Professor of Law, Professor Berger's scholarship focuses on constitutional law. Much of his work explores judicial decision making in constitutional cases, with special attention to deference, fact finding, rhetorical strategies and other under-theorized factors that help shape judicial opinions in constitutional cases.