Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Students Visit NASA HQ

03 Nov 2022    

Students stand in front of NASA HQ

Every year, the Nebraska Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program provides student travel awards to attend our Fall Space Law Conference in Washington D.C. This year, thanks to coordination with David Lopez, and international law attorney at NASA Headquarters, students had the opportunity to spend afternoon hearing from lawyers in different practice sessions and tour the Space Operations Center.

The sessions included presentations from lawyers in different practice groups, including Margaret Roberts from the Commercial Law Practice Group, Tom McMurry and Sumara M. Thompson-king, who are the NASA General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel, Victoria Kauffman from the Contracts and Acquisition Integrity Practice Group, Brian Wessel from the Internationonal Law Practice Group, and Dave Barrett from the General Law Practice Group. Additionally, students received a tour of the Space Operations Center from Kevin Metrocavage, who has been a part of the ISS program since its assembly and was previously at NASA Johnson Mission Control. Students learned a lot, and the Program here at Nebraska greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet professionals, ask questions, and make connections.