Ashlee McGill Continues Interest in National Security

05 May 2022    

Ashlee McGill standing in front of bookshelves

To Ashlee McGill, 23’, coming to Nebraska was the natural choice.“I knew I was going to like the professors, and I already had contacts here. Nebraska is a hidden hub of national security; it was a really easy choice for me.”

“The Space Cyber Telecommunications Program (SCTL) is very much an environment where I’ve felt supported. If you wanted to get into space law or national security or cyber, it’s a nice hub for that. The faculty are extremely approachable. they assigned me to the independent study I’m currently doing. It revolves around privacy and civil rights issues surrounding the use of social media and national security which is a very grey area right now. The faculty operate on this collaborative idea that you’re stronger when you’re working with other people. So, I’m glad I know people here.”

Ashlee is currently interning at The National Counterterrorism Innovation Technology and Education Center (NCITE), a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded center, doing research compliance on both old and new research projects. Last fall, she held an externship with the JAG Corp.

“I’m working at NCITE, and I got that job with the help of the SCTL program. They reached out to me and told me that this position might be good for me.” 

When asked what advice she had for students coming to Nebraska, she said. 

“Make friends! There’s this collaborative spirit here where people help each other. Some people are afraid of the cutthroat nature of a law school and that’s not what Nebraska is about. You feel that through the students and the faculty and the administration. Everybody here wants you to succeed so it’s a matter of making friends and just making those connections.”

“The SCTL name is misleading; it is so much more than SCTL. It’s an amazing program. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know the people who make this program happen. It’s an amazing opportunity!”