Martin Fischer Interns at United Launch Alliance

14 Apr 2022    

Martin Fischer headshot

On his way to graduation, Martin Fischer 22’, reflected about his time in the SCTL program at the UNL college of Law. “My experiences have been all positive. The classes have been top notch, the professors have been experienced and skilled in the theory as well as the practice. The staff and individuals running the program are very passionate about it. Many of us, including myself came here for the program.” 

When he first arrived, Martin was in awe to see major players in the space field such as Frans von der Dunk, Jack Beard, Matt Schaefer. Seeing them and getting to know them not only on a professor student relationship but more of peer to peer one was something cool. “In some ways you come into law school expecting it to be just class time and no interaction with the professors but here the professors have been accessible to answer questions and to help.”

“Be as involved as possible!” Fischer said when asked what advice he has for future students, “The more you do the more you get to know the people the more opportunities arise as well as the more opportunities you can create. The more that I got involved the more I benefited in terms of building networks. I was able to ask questions and get access to resources.” 

In his first year, Fischer held a judicial externship with the US district court in Omaha. In his second summer he interned with United Launch Alliance (ULA), which he described as a real hands-on experience and vastly different from anything he learned in the classroom because it’s applying what’s learned in the classroom to real world situations. He’s also working with Sierra Space and will once again work at ULA this coming summer. 

“I’d love to thank all of those involved in the program. From the faculty, staff, and co-directors. It’s special, it’s something that you’re not going to find in other schools. It’s one of the reasons I am happy that I came here.”