Magilton and Students Contribute Working Paper to European Centre for Excellence

07 Dec 2021    

Paige Ross, Elsbeth Magilton, Leana Brown, Endeliza Hampton and Lauren Bydalek in a group photo

Elsbeth Magilton, ’11, the executive director of the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law program, and a team of students recently completed a large project with the European Centre of Excellence in Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE). Magilton has been a member of the legal expert pool at Hybrid CoE since 2019 and was a participant in the pools initial convening at the University of Exeter.  The Hybrid CoE has yet to bring space security issues in as a focus. Magilton worked with a team of student researchers at Nebraska Law, Leana Brown, ’22, Lauren Bydalek, ’22, Endeliza Hampton , ’22, and Paige Ross, ’23, to create an issue paper, outlining modern security issues in space law, encouraging and launching the Hybrid CoE’s new work and focus in the area.

Magilton explained, “our paper is a broad general scope exploration into the many facets of space issues and security – from the increase in satellites in low earth orbit, to military conflict in space, and more. We are so pleased the Centre plans to use this effort to outline it’s interest and work in the space domain and to guide its internal decision making for efforts in these subfields.” She went on to note, “our students are incredibly dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic about technology and space. I am so pleased that this excellent team chose to apply for this position and spend their time and efforts in supporting this project.”

Hybrid CoE is an international, independent network-based organization promoting a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to countering hybrid threats. The Centre’s key task is to build participating states’ capabilities to prevent and counter hybrid threats. This is done by sharing best practices, testing new ideas and approaches, and providing training courses and exercises. Hybrid CoE also has an important role as a platform between the EU and NATO, providing a forum for strategic discussions and joint training and exercises. You can learn more about the European Centre of Excellence in Countering Hybrid Threats online at

All of the student members of the team have shown a dedicated interest in space law issues. Leana Brown is the co-president of the Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law club, a National Space Society legal researcher, and is spending the spring 2022 semester as an intern at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) working on policy. Leana co-moderated the ‘Artemis Accords:  Expanding and Implementing the Accords & Their Impact on Space Law’ panel at the 2021 Space Law Week Virtual Conference. She also competed in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Team in March 2021, alongside Lauren Bydalek, who also continues to be engaged in the competition. Brown and Bydalek, with their third team member Martin Fischer, reached quarter finals and had the second-place brief in the competition. Lauren also serves as the Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law club’s Telecommunications Director, connecting students to resources in that field.

Endeliza Hampton spent the summer of 2021 performing research for Jennifer Manner  (Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at EchoStar Corporation) on her recent book on spectrum management. Endeliza co-moderated the ‘Spectrum and Space Activities:  Future Challenges and Opportunities’ panel at the 2021 Space Law Week Virtual Conference. Paige Ross serves as the Career Coordinator for the Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law club, connecting students with field specific resources at the college. Additionally, Paige is the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center fellow and has extensive research experience in the regulation of online content.