Hurwitz Speaks on Robocalls

05 Jan 2021    

Professor Gus Hurwitz was recently  featured in a variety of outlets, in which he shares his expertise on the topic of robocalls.

Jan. 2, Hurwitz's research was featured in an article for The Regulatory Review, a publication of the Penn Program on Regulation. His article in the Brooklyn Law Review, where he explores constitutinal scrutiny of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, how it bans robocalls, and how the TCPA isn't enough to get a handle on robocalling in modern times.

Read the full article here.

Jan. 4, Hurwitz was a featured guest on the Legal Talk Today podcast with host Laurence Colletti, where he "explains the out-dated regulatory framework at the center of litigation and calls fro reform to address the scourge of robocalls."

Listen to the full episode here.