Lepard Publishes Law Review Article in Brazil on Affirmative Action

13 Oct 2020    

Professor Brian Lepard

In the summer of 2020 Professor Brian Lepard published an article on affirmative action and international law in a prominent Brazilian law journal, the Revista Brasileira de Direitos Fundamentais & Justiça (the Brazilian Journal of Fundamental Rights and Justice). The article was published in Portuguese and was the outgrowth of Professor Lepard’s participation in a conference on affirmative action held in August 2019 at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (“PUCRS”), a highly-regarded law school in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The conference brought together many experts on affirmative action from Brazil and around the world. It was led by Dr. Ingo Sarlet of PUCRS, who has won international recognition for his expertise in constitutional law and human rights law. 

Professor Lepard’s article is entitled “A Legalidade e a Ética de Medidas Especiais para Proteger Populações Vulneráveis sob o Direito Internacional” (“The Legality and Ethics of Special Measures to Protect Vulnerable Populations under International Law”).

Professor Lepard is the Harold W. Conroy Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Nebraska College of Law and a globally recognized expert on international human rights law.