University Necessities

Get to know the University technology systems

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln uses several different systems to provide information to its students and for students to manage their information. It can be confusing unless it is all laid out for you. Below is a description of all these different systems. If you are already a UNL student, you likely know most of this information.

  • MyRed: The student information portal where you will register for classes, find information on your student loans, maintain your personal information, etc.
  • My.UNL: Where you can access multiple UNL software systems like Canvas, Print IT, Box, email, etc.
  • TrueYou: The system used by UNL to set and manage passwords used to access UNL campus technology systems.
  • Canvas: A cloud based learning management system that most of your professors will post assignments, handouts, resources, etc.

Claim your NU ID and set up your passwords

UNL uses TrueYou to set up and manage the passwords you will use to access MyRed, My.UNL, Canvas, etc. Setting up your passwords should be relatively simple.

If you are new to the University of Nebraska system, you will need to claim your NU ID and set up your password(s).

  1. Know your NU ID. Your NU ID is an eight digit number unique to you which you were sent via an email from the University. If you do not recall getting the email, double check your email inbox and your spam/junk folders. If you still cannot find the email, give us a call at 402-472-8333 and we can give you your NU ID.
  2. Create your password(s). With your NU ID in hand, head over to Once there, click on “Claim your ID.” This step will allow you to create passwords and authentication questions.
  3. Remember your password(s). You will use the passwords to gain access to pretty much anything University related so remember them!

Confirm you can access MyRed

 Once you have claimed your NU ID and set up your passwords through TrueYou, you should make sure that everything worked. To do this, we suggest trying to log into MyRed.

 Later this summer you will need to access MyRed to register for classes. This is also where you will accept your Federal Loans and find links to access your master promissory note and complete financial aid entrance counseling.

 Claim your email

 All UNL students, that includes you as a law student, are required to have and use a email address. All university communications will be sent to your account and it will be connected to your MyRed and Canvas accounts.

Here’s how to find your email username.

  •  New to UNL
    • Go to to activate your email account. Here you will enter your Account ID (i.e. the new username – your version of hhusker2) and the password you set up in TrueYou.
      • NOTE: If you set up your password in TrueYou before your email username was posted in MyRed, you may need to reset your password in TrueYou to get the username and password to link up.
  • You’re good to go!

If you experience problems finding your email username or setting up your email address contact the IT Help Desk at 402-472-3970 or 866-472-3970.