Admitted Student Day

Admitted Student Day Videos

We want you to have all the information about Nebraska Law that you need to make your law school decision. Below, you'll hear from Dean Richard Moberly, our Admissions team, and even current students.

Introduction from the Dean

One of the best ways to know more about who we are is by hearing about our mission and our values, which are concepts that drive our students, faculty, administrators, and staff. We created these principles together and we live by them.

Hear from Dean Richard Moberly about what Nebraska Law’s mission and values mean to our community and commitment to you.

What happens next?

A question we often get from admitted students is something along the line of “what do I need to do now?” or “what happens next?”  This video covers such things as how your financial aid is awarded, important dates and deadlines, and what steps you need to take to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Video Time Index

:35 Enrollment deposit info/dates
1:52 Mid-summer lunch
2:20 Orientation dates
2:32 How to prepare for law school
3:12 Join Class of 2023 Facebook group
3:45 Admitted student portal
4:24 Financing law school
4:45 Applying for financial aid/UNL Fafsa code
6:00 Accepting funds
7:00 Direct deposit/Myred student account 


Not every lawyer does the same kind of work. There are almost endless combinations of legal practice areas and specializations that one could put together. Nebraska Law allows you to actually do it. Melissa McCoy, Director of Enrollment Strategy and Communications, discusses the courses students will take and the options they have to customize their coursework.

Video Time Index

:30 First year curriculum
:55 Course flexibility
1:25 Customized education
1:45 Areas of concentration
2:15 Joint degree programs

Life as a law student

Coursework is one thing but your legal education is more than just the classes you take. Learning to be a lawyer means learning to be a leader. That is what we do at Nebraska Law – we teach you to be more than someone with legal knowledge. You have the opportunity to network, be mentored, and take on leadership roles so that you are ready to assume your place among your peers and have the tools to excel.

Video Time Index

:30 Professional networking
:57 Big/little program
1:10 Clifton Strengths
1:38 Student organizations
2:40 Student resources

Career development

One of the important things to consider when choosing a law school, is how likely you are to get a job after you graduate. We discuss how students will be prepared for career decisions and their job search. Learn about the work our Career Development Office (CDO) does, what that will mean to students, and how that all translates into the 6th highest job placement rate for Bar Passage Required and JD Advantage positions.

Video Time Index

:30 Bar passage rates
1:25 Unifrom Bar exam map
1:40 Career development office
2:00 Education programs
2:45 Personal individual meetings
3:12 Job search plan
3:35 Employment statistics
4:05 First year internship opportunities

Law student panel

The very best way to learn about Nebraska Law is to hear current students talk about their experiences and day to day life. We brought together some current students and asked them many of the questions we suspect you may have for them.

Video Time Index

:40 Student Intros
1:10 Moving to Lincoln from out of state
4:00 Time management
10:05 Best places to study
13:15 Culture at Nebraska Law
20:05 How have you grown in law school?
25:30 Favorite thing about Nebraska Law
33:35 Advice you wish you had before law school
38:20 Rapid Q&A. Favorite places around Lincoln

Admitted Student Day Documents

Here you will be able to download documents that are typically handed out on admitted student day!



This digital link gives you the opportunity to download our viewbook. The viewbook is a comprehensive guide to what Nebraska law has to offer from year to year. It includes a curriculum list, details about clinics and much more.



Weekend in Lincoln

Things are a little quieter this year due to COVID-19, but we wanted to give you an idea of what a weekend could look like in Lincoln. Here is the guide we gave to students last year!


Blue Sushi

Dining Guide

Lincoln is home to a diverse food scene! We put together recommendations of places that will have you coming back for seconds!


Inside Apartment

Apartment Guide

Looking for a place to live? We have you covered! Here is a list of rental units and apartment complexes that are all within a 10-15 minute drive of the law school and where our students have lived. It’s not inclusive of all your options but will give you an idea of what types of amenities you can get at different rent levels.


Students in Lobby

Financial Aid Guide

While tuition at the University of Nebraska College of Law is much lower than it is at many other law schools, most students need assistance in financing their legal education.  At the University of Nebraska, most of our students will finance their education through some combination of federally sponsored student loans and scholarships. 



Budget Worksheet

Many students find it helpful to calculate a monthly budget for planning purposes.  This document is designed to help you do just that.


Memorial Stadium

Student Football Tickets

There is no place like Nebraska on gameday. Make sure to sign up for student tickets before they're gone!


College of Law

Summer Checklist

Life is crazy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming with deadlines and things to do. Here is a helpful checklist to make sure you stay on track for the fall!


Class of 2023 Facebook Group

Class of 2023 Facebook Group

We invite you to join the Class of 2023 Facebook group and start getting to know some of the people with whom you will be sharing experiences during the next three years.

Join the Class of 2023 Facebook Group