Shoemaker’s Article Published in the Journal of Law, Property, and Society

25 Feb 2020    

Professor Jessica Shoemaker

Professor Jessica Shoemaker’s article, An Introduction to American Indian Land Tenure: Mapping the Legal Landscape, has been published in the Journal of Law, Property, and Society.

The article provides an introduction to land-related legal issues facing tribal governments and Indigenous peoples in the United States and is intended to encourage deeper and more widespread engagement on these important topics. Forced property law reforms have been used throughout history as this country’s primary tool for implementing its colonial objectives, and today unique property rules continue to apply in Indian country with complex effects—and, often without significant public or scholarly attention. The article seeks to help close this attention gap by providing an accessible introduction to important American Indian land tenure topics, including both the lessons of historic uses of property law in federal Indian policy and more modern reservation land tenure dynamics.

Shoemaker’s research focuses at the intersection of property, law and community economic development, with particular attention to land use challenges on modern rural landscapes and Native American reservations in the United States. During the 2018-2019 academic year, Shoemaker served as the Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Legal and Resources Rights at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in Edmonton, Canada.