Hurwitz to Testify during House Committee on Energy and Commerce Hearing

08 Jan 2020    

Professor Gus Hurwitz

Professor Gus Hurwitz will testify as a key witness during the House Committee on Energy & Commerce hearing on Jan. 8 at 9:30 a.m. CT.

During his testimony, Hurwitz, will share his research and discuss “dark patterns.” The Committee is defining dark patterns as techniques incorporated in user interfaces designed to encourage or trick users into doing things they might not otherwise do.

Hurwitz’s work builds on his background in law, technology, and economics to consider the interface between law and technology and the role of regulation in high-tech industries. He has a particular expertise in telecommunications law and technology, including data- and cybersecurity, and was recognized as a Cyber Security & Data Privacy Trailblazer by the National Law Journal.

 In 2017, Hurwitz was named co-director of the College of Law’s Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program, and he currently serves as the director of the NU Governance and Technology Center.

The Subcommittee legislative hearing entitled, “Americans at Risk: Manipulation and Deception in the Digital Age,” will be available via livestream or following the hearing at