Blankley Appointed 2019-20 ACE Leadership Fellow

07 Nov 2019    

Professor Kristen Blankley

Professor Kristen Blankley has been appointed a 2019-20 ACE Leadership Fellow to examine and assess the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s ethics (ACE 8) undergraduate graduation requirement. ACE 8 requirements must “use knowledge, theories, and analysis to explain ethical principles and their importance in society.”

During the course of the fellowship, Professor Blankley will work with a team of 4-5 faculty members to:

  • explore methods for evaluating success in general education programs and tools to facilitate continuous improvement of teaching and learning 
  • discuss the overarching goal of the ACE program and the value and goal of each group’s specific learning outcome
  • review samples of the current year’s assessment reports within the group’s outcome to develop a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the current ACE program
  • summarize what has been learned in order to share best practices with fellow ACE instructors across the university

 Professor Blankley is also the Director of the Robert J. Kutak Center for the Teaching and Study of Applied Ethics at the University of Nebraska.