4th Annual Advanced Operations Law Conference Deemed a Success

10 Sep 2019    

Offutt Air Force Base

The 4th Annual Advanced Operations Law Conference was a success again this year, held at the Dougherty Conference Center on Offutt Air Force Base.  On September 4th and 5th, a number of active military and civilian attendees gathered to discuss “Law and Global Warfighting: The Challenges in 21st Century Practice.” 

General John Hyten, Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, kicked off the conference with a welcome, followed by speakers Jessica Tok, Space Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Defense; LTC Zachary Irvine, Deputy Director Commander’s Action Group; Christopher T. Kuklinski USSTRATCOM’s Assistant Deputy Director of Global Operations; among other esteemed leaders and experts in the field of national security and space law.  Topics included from Civilian and Military Effects from Low-Yield Nuclear Weapon Detonations, Nuclear Decision Making Process, Presidential Authority under Article 2, and further engaging and thought provoking issues.

All guests were welcomed to an evening reception for refreshments and networking at the end of each day.

4th Annual Advanced Operations Law Conference Attendees
Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Executive Director, Elsbeth Magilton was the lead organizer for the project and reflected back on the conference saying, “One of my favorite moments was listening to the recording of Sputnik’s beep and Laura’s recounting of the NBC anchor’s response, ‘Listen now for the sound that will forever more separate the old from the new…’ because I believe that is why we gather to have these conversations. Our world, the technology we create, and modern geopolitics is moving at a rapid pace. It is my hope that conversations and informational sessions like those we’ve enjoyed during this conference prepare to practice in those environments.”  

The conference concluded with remarks from Vice Admiral David M. Kriete, Deputy Commander at U.S. STRATCOM, and a refreshed excitement to pursue new developments in the field.