Shoemaker Serves as Program Chair for the Association of Law, Property, and Society Annual Meeting

16 May 2019    

Professor Jessica Shoemaker

Professor Jessica Shoemaker is the Program Chair for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Association of Law, Property, and Society (ALPS). In addition to organizing the meeting, Shoemaker will also present as part of the “Indigenous Property Rights in North America,” plenary panel.

The annual ALPS meeting includes presentations from more than 150 property scholars from around the globe.  This year, the meeting also includes a field trip to the sacred and sovereign homelands for the Oneida Indian Nation in central New York. Oneida leaders and lawyers will provide a tour and engage in conversation about the history of the Nation, its legal challenges, and their ongoing plans and initiatives related to land-based sovereign revitalization and economic development.

During Shoemaker’s panel presentation, she will build on the field trip experience and share her work on Indigenous land tenure issues.

ALPS is a membership organization for scholars doing interdisciplinary legal scholarship on all aspects of property law and policy. The organization seeks to encourage dialogue across disciplines and among those who are interested in property law, policy, and theory.

Shoemaker is a member of the ALPS Board of Directors, serving from 2018 through 2021.