College of Law to Host NASA Research Conference

04 Apr 2019    


In September 2018, the University of Nebraska received a $250,000 NASA Space Law grant to create a nationwide network of students, faculty and practitioners interested in space law and policy. As part of that grant, this weekend April 6-7, Nebraska Law will host a student and new scholar space law workshop, focused on research, writing, and publication.

“The key objective of the Space Law Network is to implement a system to support, educate and provide opportunities to law students across the country interested in space law and policy.” said Elsbeth Magilton, executive director of the Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law program in the University of Nebraska College of Law. “We hope that every attendee walks away from the weekend with an idea and a research plan their work. Ultimately we hope to see a notable increase in new scholarship in space law in the coming years after the workshop.”

The workshop will feature a mix of sessions detailing the international and domestic foundations of space law, including multiple practice focus areas, while highlighting holes in current policy or scholarship ripe for discussion. The workshop will also include working sessions, dedicated to developing topics and outlines, and sessions on legal research and “how-to” publish in a variety of forums.