2019 Edition of Lenich's Book Published

01 Apr 2019    

Professor John Lenich

Thomson Reuters (West) published the 2019 edition of Professor John Lenich’s book, Nebraska Civil Procedure.  The book has nearly 1500 pages of text and provides an in-depth analysis of the procedural rules that govern the litigation of a civil action in Nebraska.  The 2019 edition includes six new chapters on the right to jury trial, trial procedure, new trial motions, default judgments, voluntary dismissals, and vacating judgments.  The existing chapters have also been updated to reflect statutory amendments and cases decided in 2018.  The exiting chapters discuss jurisdiction, venue, statutes of limitation, proper parties, joinder, interpleader, intervention, pleading, service, motions to dismiss, interlocutory injunctions, discovery, and an assortment of other topics.