Region 12 Trial Team Competition | Feb. 15-17, 2019 | Witness Availability


Submissions for this form are closed.

Thank you for volunteering your time to act as a witness during the 2019 Region 12 Trial Team Competition, which will take place at the Lancaster and District Court Courthouses (575 S. 10th Street). At this time, your submissions are simply times you are available to act as a witness and a final schedule will be determined in January 2019. If your availability should change, please email Katie Pfannenstiel (, at your earliest convenience.

Your participation is vitally important because each mock trial includes four witnesses – two for the plaintiff (who brought the lawsuit) and two for the defendant. A mock trial team consists of two law students, and each student (called a student advocate) is responsible for examining and cross-examining one witness on the witness stand. The four witnesses provide testimony about people, events, and documents in order for the teams to argue the case. Thus, you will be playing a witness in the trial and will take the stand to testify. You will be examined by two student advocates: one will direct your testimony and one will cross-examine you. 

Before the mock trial, you will be provided with a deposition (or statement) and may also be provided with some related exhibits. You should read the materials closely several times so that you are familiar with all of the facts. This review will help you answer questions without having to flip through the documents during your testimony.