Student Mentee Professional Interest & Application Form

Want an alumni mentor for the 2019-20 academic year? Student Mentee Professional Interest & Application forms are currently being accepted and will be available until September 1. We will begin the matching process on Sept 2 and will notify you of your mentor match by September 20.

The University of Nebraska College of Law's Professional Mentoring Program offers law students the opportunity to have an alumnus/alumna as a mentor.

To participate in the Nebraska Law Alumni Mentor Program, you must:

  1. Be a law student at the University of Nebraska College of Law;
  2. Be willing to commit the necessary time to meeting or otherwise communicating with your mentor;
  3. Complete and submit this Student Mentee Professional Interest & Application Form; and
  4. Agree to and electronically sign the “Statement of Participation” at the end of the “Student Application.”

If you are matched with a mentor, you will communicate with them several times each year at mutually agreed upon dates, times, and places. If you meet at your mentor’s office, please dress appropriately.

The relationship you have with your mentor is largely what you and your mentor make it. Mentoring relationships within the Program vary greatly. Students and mentors often decide to meet more frequently than the Program requires; others decide to meet only as suggested. 

Please remember that your mentor has volunteered his or her time. Be flexible regarding your mentor’s practice obligations. And, even though finding legal employment is important, do not expect your mentor to offer you a job. Your mentoring relationship is an opportunity for you to learn and develop necessary professional skills and is also an opportunity to develop a key relationship in your professional business network.

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If you would rather have a mentor that does not practice law, but has built a successful career in a different area, please provide us with information about what that career entails.
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Agreement & Acknowledgement of Responsibilities: (Required) I understand that this is a professional program and I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner during all interactions with my mentor. I agree to make reasonable effort to communicate and meet with my mentor. I agree that, if I am unable to meet with my mentor during a scheduled time or need to cancel a meeting, I will notify my mentor as soon as possible. I agree to contact the Program if I cannot or will not continue with the Program. I commit to developing a professional learning relationship with my mentor. I understand that my failure to maintain these professional standards may result in dismissal from the Program for my law school career.