Mariana Moguel

Mariana Moguel Class of 2017 - Lincoln, Nebraska

"Nebraska Law is great because they strive to not only give students the necessary knowledge to practice law but also give students the skills to be successful lawyers."

My Experience

Academic Concentration

Intellectual Property

Student Organizations

Multi-Cultural Legal Society/Black Law Students Association – President

Women's Law Caucus

Student Intellectual Property Law Association

Practical Experience

Civil Clinic – Student Attorney

Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic – Student Attorney

Professor Catherine Wilson – Research Assistant

Legal Aid of Nebraska-Omaha – Summer Clerk

Urban Leaders Fellowship

"One of my best law school experiences has been being a part of the Civil Clinic. It is hard to choose one experience in particular because it has all been such a great experience. One of my favorite parts of the Civil Clinic has been able to work with clients one on one. This has allowed me to learn a lot of skills that I didn't learn in the classroom and better prepared me for the practice of law. I have also liked being able to use my Spanish to help clients."
Mariana Civil Clinic
"Over these past 3 years I have really enjoyed being a part of Trivia Night every fall hosted by MCLS/BLSA. For this year's trivia night, however, I was able to help plan the event over the summer with the help of the MCLS/BLSA event chairs and Judge Gradwohl. Trivia Night has always been one of my favorite events because it brings all the classes at the Law School together and provides an opportunity to meet and interact with the 1Ls soon after school starts. It also gives an opportunity to meet with alumni in the community. Also, a little bit of friendly competition is never a bad thing."
Trivia Night
"Before coming to Law School I thought that all the professors would be intimidating and not very approachable. However, over the past 3 years at Nebraska Law I have found that to be the complete opposite. All of the professors are willing to help you succeed. One Professor in particular has been Professor Wilson, while I have never had a class with her, she is the MCLS advisor, she has taken time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me and talk about what classes to take, and the job search."
Professor Catherine Wilson