Assistant Dean Marc Pearce

Marc W. Pearce Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Administration


Effective August 9, 2021, Assistant Dean Marc Pearce was named Interim Associate to the Chancellor for Institutional Equity and Compliance. Dean Pearce will be away from the College of Law for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


Marc Pearce is a 1999 graduate of the College of Law. He also earned a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Nebraska in 2008. Prior to joining the College of Law's Administrative Team in 2014, Dr. Pearce served as law clerk to the Honorable Warren K. Urbom, Senior United States District Court Judge, for nearly fourteen years. 

Dr. Pearce also served as an adjunct instructor (legal writing) at the College of Law for four years, and he has several years of experience teaching undergraduate psychology and litigation courses at the University of Nebraska and other institutions.

Dr. Pearce maintains a close affiliation with the University of Nebraska Department of Psychology, and he engages in research projects with colleagues around the country.  He is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, the Robert Van Pelt American Inn of Court, the Lincoln Bar Association, and the American Psychological Association.


First Year Skills Course
This voluntary course is open to all first year law students. There are no tuition or registration requirements, and the course is not offered for credit. The course is designed to develop students' outlining and note taking skills, test the effectiveness of their study habits, and provide opportunities to practice and assess essay writing skills such as issue spotting, rule synthesis, legal analysis, and organization.

Criminal Law 508/G
Substantive criminal law, focusing on the theoretical foundations, general principles and doctrines that govern the rules of liability and defenses, both in the common law tradition and under the Model Penal Code.


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Book Chapters

Admissibility of Expert Witness Testimony, in Trial Consulting: A Psychological Handbook 137 (Wiener & Bornstein eds., 2011)

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Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2008
J.D., with high distinction, University of Nebraska College of Law, 1999
M.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1999
B.A., magna cum laude, Southwestern University, 1995

Areas of Expertise