Kiersten Haugen

Kiersten Haugen Class of 2016- Lincoln, Nebraska

"Nebraska recognizes that practical experience is key and provides students ample opportunity to step into various legal fields and cultivate their skills."

My Experience

Academic Concentration

National Security, Cyber and
International Law

Student Organizations

Nebraska Law Review – Executive Editor

International Law Association  –  Vice President

Christian Legal Society  –  Vice President

Women's Law Caucus

Practical Experience

Department of the Army Office of General Counsel  –  Intern

Department of Defense Office of General Counsel (International Affairs)  –  Extern

Hughes & Hughes LLP – Clerk

Vince Powers & Associates  –  Clerk

"Nebraska's DoD Externship allowed me to combine my passion for national security issues with my knowledge of public international law. The experience piqued my interest in legal service to the federal government. Through Nebraska's externship program, I was able to pursue an amazing internship with the Army General Counsel's Office the following summer."
Kiersten Haugen - DC
"Through the International Bar Association, I was able to extern with a law firm in Montevideo, Uruguay the summer after 1L year. By working alongside wonderful attorneys in Montevideo, I gained significant exposure to comparative and private international law."
"I would be remiss to exclude from any discussion of Nebraska Law's strengths the character and composition of its community. Nebraska students encourage one other to succeed, and the faculty actively work to ensure students receive opportunities to utilize their strengths. It is a warm, uplifting atmosphere that alumni—now esteemed members of Nebraska's legal community—remain tied to the school, holding themselves out as resources for to-be lawyers."
"I very much enjoyed partaking in moot court competitions, especially the Lach's International Space Law Competition. A team of three students represented Nebraska in DC last spring and, among many international teams, made it to semifinals. The endeavor not only sharpened our oral arguments and legal analysis, but it also allowed us to interact with space law professionals and academics from around the world."