Kelsey E. B. Knoer

Kelsey E. B. Knoer Class of 2017 - Chester, South Dakota

"I knew from the moment I visited campus that I belonged at Nebraska Law. The faculty is welcoming, the community enormous, and the school's reputation incredibly impressive."

My Experience

Academic Concentration

General Studies

Student Organizations

Student Bar Association – 2L Class President

Armed Forces Legal Society – Co-Founder

Nebraska Law Review – Reviewing Editor

Nebraska Law Student Ambassador

Practical Experience

Professor Jessica Shoemaker – 2016 Research Assistant

Professor Richard Moberly – 2015 Research Assistant

Lancaster County Attorney's Office – Law Clerk

"As 2L Class President, I served as a liaison not only between the Law College and the 2L Class, but also between the upperclassmen and the incoming first years. As a first year, I had moved away from family, knew no one at the school, had no prior experience in the legal field, and didn't know a single friend or family member who had pursued a career in the law. I had so many questions. Communication amongst students of varying experiences and ideas is one of the reasons why I wanted to pursue a career in the law and one of the things I loved facilitating as Class President."
Kelsey Backus
"One of the main reasons I chose to attend Nebraska Law was the first year international law course requirement. Because of that requirement, I have experience that many rising 2Ls don't have, and have been granted an incredible opportunity to extern at the Department of Defense in the Spring of 2017."
"As a Law Clerk at the Lancaster County Attorney's Office, I received first hand experience of the legal system at work and learned about the government from the inside out. Practical experience is irreplaceable and served as a reminder that law school is about more than just books. In the end, I'll be able to use those books to serve the people."
Kelsey Backus