John Duggar

John Duggar Class of 2016 - Blue Creek, Florida

"Life as a non-traditional student with four children presents a unique set of challenges. Yet I've thrived because Nebraska Law has always treated me as a person and not as a product of legal education."

My Experience

Academic Concentration

Health Care Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Student Organizations

J. Reuben Clark Law Society – President

Federalist Society – Vice President

Practical Experience

Winnebago Tribal Court Prosecutor's Office – Intern

"Nebraska Law has the the most dynamic and fastest rising chapter of the Federalist Society in American law schools. The Federalist Society gives conservative and libertarian students a strong voice in the marketplace of ideas. It's allowed me to build relationships with people I would only encounter otherwise in the pages of law review articles."
Feddie Award
"Nebraska Law hears what its students have to say. Dean Poser involved the student-body every step of the way during the search for a new Dean of Students and gave ear to our opinions. Ultimately, the voice of the student body was of significant influence in the final decision."
Dean Susan Poser
"As a student at Nebraska Law, my endeavors are taken seriously by professors and legal professionals. When I requested permission from Professor Lawson to conduct independent research supporting the amendment of a Nebraska healthcare law, he didn't hesitate to say yes. Throughout the project, every Nebraska State Senator I contacted scheduled an interview within the week to discuss my proposed amendment."
Professor Craig Lawson
"Nebraska does four things better than any other state - Raise Kids, Raise Corn, Play Football, and Teach Law."