Information for Current Students

The College of Law is committed to preserving the high-quality educational experience that our students expect, even as we also work to ensure campus safety in the interest of protecting both the campus and the larger communities of which we are all a part.
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How are we ensuring health and safety?

  • We're enabling social distancing by continuing proper population density practices
  • Limiting access to areas where the recommended six feet of social distance cannot be achieved
  • Continuing intensive cleaning efforts of high-traffic areas across the university
  • Educating the campus community and commit to follow proper public safety and health guidelines to prevent spread of COVID-19
  • Keeping the campus community aware of local COVID-19 conditions
  • Being prepared to transition as needed based on COVID-19 cases and spread
  • Developing testing strategy under the direction of local and state health officials
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Fall Details

  • Updated course registration and schedule information for the fall can be found here. Details on the delivery arrangements made for each course can be found here.
  • This fall semester will look and feel very different. Before arriving on campus, you must complete the university’s COVID-19 Student Training so that you're well-prepared and understand our expectations. This 40-minute training will help you understand COVID-19 terminology and symptoms, know what to do if you feel ill and learn how to prevent the spread of infection. 
  • Labor Day and Fall Break are suspended; classes will take place on those days. Please plan accordingly.
  • 1L exams will be administered remotely on specific days, with students permitted to complete exams during a specific 24-hour exam window. Exams may be limited to a certain period of time (e.g., 3 hours) and students can use that time period at any point during the exam window to provide maximum flexibility. The schedule is as follows:
    • Contracts: December 2
    • Civil Procedure: December 4
    • Torts: December 7
    • Crim Law: December 9
    • Property: December 11
  • Upper-class exams will be administered remotely between Monday, November 30 at 9:00 am, and Friday, December 11 at noon. Students will be able to complete their exams in any sequence during the exam period.
  • Book rentalsIf your rent your books through the University Bookstore, the rental period is through the law school exam period. More information about textbooks, including how to access a book list, can be found here.

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Need Help?

The College of Law administration and staff is currently working onsite and remotely to comply with proper population density practices. If you need help, please email the appropriate administrator or staff member. 

Administrator Directory

Staff Directory

Don’t know who to contact? Email and someone will be in touch.


New safety procedures are in place in McCollum Hall. Upon entering the building, please familiarize yourself with the traffic flow and distancing guidelines using the signage throughout the building. Access to areas where the recommended six feet of social distance cannot be achieved will be limited.

Entry and Exit

Entry to McCollum Hall will be limited to the main doors on the south side of the building (near the C parking lot) and the north side of the building (near the A parking lot). Hand sanitizer is available upon entry to the building. When walking through hallways, individuals should always walk on the right side to allow for safe distancing. Locations in the building that will have designated entry and exit points are the Schmid Law Library, the Hamann Auditorium and the stairwells.

Student Lounge

Furniture in the student lounge has been reconfigured to comply with recommended social distancing practices. Furniture is not to be moved. Individuals using the student lounge space are expected to maintain a social distance of at least six feet. The student lounge kitchen area is available for limited use. Microwaves have been removed, but refrigerators and vending machines remain available. These areas will receive cleaning services several times a day. Please maintain social distancing while waiting to use the refrigerator or the vending machines and do not congregage in the kitchen area in close groups.


The use of mailboxes has been discontinued for the fall semester. The mailbox area will be closed.


The use of lockers has been discontinued for the fall semester. The locker room and other locker areas will be closed. 2L and 3L students with items remaining in their lockers from the previous academic year may clear out their lockers beginning Monday, August 10. Appointments are not required; however students should plan to maintain an appropriate social distance. Any locks remaining after September 1 will be cut and the contents of the locker removed.

Outdoor Areas

The courtyard and outdoor areas at the College of Law will remain open. Individuals using these spaces are expected to maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Two outdoor tents will also be available for use beginning August 19. A space in this area can be reserved at


Course Registration and Schedule

The College of Law has released an updated course schedule for the fall semester. This schedule serves the dual function of preserving the high-quality educational experience while also ensuring campus safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This updated course schedule can be found here.


Course Delivery Arrangements

The course delivery table generally describes the approaches that professors are taking in their classes as a result of the COVID-19 adaptation we are making to the building and our use of it.  While general, these descriptions give you some idea of what to expect.  If they haven't already, your professors will be in touch with you about more specific details about when, where, and how your class will meet. The full table is available here.



Take time before the semester begins to check all of your contact information and ensure it is accurate. Emails from Chancellor Green, other university officials and the MyRed system go to your email. You should be checking this email regularly for any and all official University communications.

Make sure your contact information in the College of Law directory is current (available on Canvas). This is the email address Vicki Lill will use to distribute information about course registration and exams. If your information is not correct in the directory, send the correct information to Vicki.


Be sure to log into Canvas ( and check for information about your courses.  Canvas is the primary means of course delivery in all of the first year and for most of our courses beyond that.


Financial Aid

The College of Law and Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) are available to support students and families and will make every effort to mitigate financial burdens created by this extraordinary situation. If you have incurred—or will incur—additional expenses or severe financial hardship, please contact Dean Pearce and Darice Cecil. They can work with you to try to increase your access to student loans. The College of Law's emergency fund is also still accessible to help with COVID-19 related emergency expenses.

AccessLex Institute is offering free webinars on managing your money during the COVID-19 pandemic. The description is below. For a full schedule of available money-management webinars, visit:


Health and Safety

If you have been exposed to the novel coronavirus Call 402-441-8006 or visit the Health Department website. If you feel sick contact your health provider, the University Health Center or the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Coronavirus Hotline: 402-441-8006. 


Effective June 17, 2020 the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has adopted a facial covering policy. The policy requires facial coverings be worn indoors on campus and outdoors if safe social distancing and gathering practices are not possible. The policy encompasses all faculty, staff, students and visitors, including contractors, service providers and others. To encourage adherence to the policy, the university will supply two reusable cloth masks to every student, faculty and staff member.

Off-campus students will be able to pick up their two face coverings August 13 - 31 on city campus at the Nebraska Union and Campus Recreation Center, and on east campus at the Recreation and Wellness Center. Beginning September 1, the Nebraska Union on city campus will be the only mask distribution location. Students will need to have their NCard with them in order to receive their face coverings. Students living on campus in a residence hall or Greek housing will receive their facial coverings there. Faculty and staff will receive their facial coverings from their unit leaders upon their return to campus.

There are no universal design standards for facial coverings. However, coverings must extend from the bridge of the nose to below the chin.

      • Reusable cloth facial coverings are acceptable, as are disposable paper masks.
      • Face shields are not acceptable alternatives to cloth face coverings, per CDC guidance.
      • Regardless of the type used, masks should not be designed with exhalation valves.


Mental Health Resources

University Counseling & Psychological Services is now taking remote/distance appointments: If you would like a remote appointment or if you are in crisis, please call CAPS at (402) 472-7450 between 8am-5pm for assistance. If you need to speak with our counselor after business hours for your urgent needs or you are in crisis, please call (402) 472-7450 and Press 4. If you are in imminent danger to yourself or others, please call 911.

During the fall semester, CAPS will be hosting weekly group sessions for law students. These sessions occur on Tuesdays from 12-1 via Zoom. For more information call CAPS at (402) 472-7450, or contact Dean Pearce.

Campus Health and Safety

For information about the campus’ personal hygiene, prevention and well-being measures, including testing and contract tracing procedures, visit

Internships/Experiential Learning

Students who choose to participate in in-person activities, including internships and other experiential learning opportunities, are aware of the potential risks that exposure to the novel virus poses to their health and safety, that the University of Nebraska is unable to mitigate those risks, and that participation in those in-person activities does not create any liability on behalf of the University of Nebraska. The University encourages students to work directly with any non-University organizations through which the student will be completing in-person experiential learning activities to explore methods of completing those activities through remote or other non in-person means. The University encourages all students to know, understand, and follow the guidance from local governments and local health departments in the area where students may be participating in in-person activities, particularly since that guidance can change rapidly.


IT support

Your primary support contact for Canvas, Zoom, UNL account or email issues, installing Office programs, etc. is the Huskertech Help Center. The Law IT Office will be closed to walk-in support. You may request IT services from the College of Law IT staff by completing the Law IT Help Request Form. In an emergency you can reach the IT staff by calling (402) 472-3206.


Law Library

The Schmid Law Library will open to current College of Law faculty and students on August 17. Non-law students and faculty are encouraged to contact to confirm hours and availability of research support. Members of the general public, including alumni and local attorneys, who wish to use the library for legal research, must contact or call 402-472-3547 to make an appointment to use the law library. Virtual reference assistance is currently available at Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm/1pm-4pm.


Online Learning Accommodations Requests

If you wish to request permission to participate in fall classes entirely online due to factors related to COVID-19, please complete the webform at the following link: Dean Pearce will review your request and respond to you as soon as possible.

Please do not use this form if you wish to participate in classes remotely for a particular day or set of days for reasons related to COVID-19 (e.g., you are returning from a “hotspot” and will self-quarantine for two weeks). In that instance, please email Dean Pearce with your class schedule, and he will work with you to notify your professors. 

Please do not use this form if you wish to request to participate in fall classes remotely on a particular day or set of days for reasons unrelated to COVID-19 (e.g., you are sick with an ordinary cold and it is best to stay home from school; a child is sick and you must stay home to care for her; etc.). In those situations, you should contact your class professor. The webform here is solely to request a semester-long distance learning accommodation


Additional information and services available to students can be found at