Final Exam Procedures

UPPERCLASS EXAMS: Morning upperclass exams start at 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday during the first week of exams and Monday-Wednesday during the second week of exams. The only EXCEPTIONS to this are:

  • Mediation on Monday, December 9 is a 4.5 hour exam and will start at 8:00 a.m.  
  • Constitutional Law I with Professor Berger on Tuesday, December 10 is a 4 hour exam and will start at 8:00 a.m.

FIRST YEAR EXAMS: First year exams begin at 1 p.m.

Exam Numbers

All exams are graded anonymously by assigned exam number. New exam numbers have been assigned for this semester and you may not use last semester’s number. Exam number cards may be picked up from Patty Cavanagh at the Reception Desk in the Dean’s Office. All students who will be taking final exams, including graduate students, must have an exam number. Exam numbers will not be available in the exam rooms. Forgetting your number may result in a delay of the start of your test! It will not delay the rest of the class.

Exam Conflicts

If you have two exams scheduled for the same day or four exams in a row and need to reschedule an exam, see Vicki Lill.

Honor Code

There are no proctors in the exam rooms at the College of Law. Students are on their honor. If you see someone doing something that he or she should not be doing—for example, writing after time has been called or consulting sources students are not authorized to consult—it is your obligation to report that student either to Marc Pearce or to any member of the Student-Faculty Honor Committee.

You are now members of a self-policing profession. You will be treated as such and will be expected to behave as such. Violations of the Honor Code—however trivial they may seem—will not be taken lightly. The Honor Code is available on the Law College website under Current Students. You should review it before exams begin.

Remember that it is a violation of the Honor Code to type or write anything after time has been called. When time is called, you must stop typing or writing, even if it means you are in the middle of a word or sentence. You should budget your time appropriately. The time caller will give a one minute warning to let you know that it is time to submit your exam on Exam 4. If you have not submitted or saved your exam or you have not properly labeled and numbered your green books when time is called, you must receive the permission of the person who called time in the room (generally Dean Pearce, Dean Brummond, Dean Everman, or Dean Warren) to do so and you must do so in our presence.

You may not click, type or write anything unless one of us is standing by you.

Exam Rooms

On the day of the exam, the exam rooms will be posted in the lobby.  The posting will also specify which exam numbers are assigned to which room for classes too large to fit students in only one room.  Please make sure you get set up in the correct room, and in the correct row.  Exam rows are designated - every other row and every other seat.  All students must be in the posted distribution room 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

The exams will be distributed in the posted room, time will be called in that room, and you must be in the posted room and turn in your answers in that room when time is called. If you finish more than 5 minutes early, you can submit your exam electronically if you are typing, and then turn in your envelope with your exam and used scratch paper to the Dean’s Office. If you are writing and finish early, turn in your envelope with your exam, used scratch paper and bluebooks to the Dean’s Office. We do not provide separate rooms for students who chose to write an exam. If you plan to write and are bothered by the sound of typing, you should bring earplugs.

Please note that if your professor has authorized the use of a computer, you must follow the specific instructions for the exam.

Exam-Taking Materials

Scratch paper is provided. If you are writing your exam, you should bring green books and pens to the exam room. If all or part of your exam will be computer-graded (your professor will most likely tell you this beforehand), you will need to provide your own No. 2 pencils. Computer-graded answer sheets can only be completed with No. 2 lead pencils.

If your exam is open book, you are free to bring any of the materials that your professor authorizes you to consult during the course of the exam. Please note that if you are using Exam 4 for an open book exam, you will be able to access your outlines and other authorized materials on your laptop in the OPEN MODE. However, students may not load outlines and other materials on laptop computers checked out from the library. (You can however bring a USB drive with your authorized materials on it to use with the library’s laptops.) Please leave unauthorized materials in your lockers or car. If your exam is closed book, then you should leave any course-related materials —which includes notes, books, outlines, Legalines, Gilberts, etc. — in your locker or car along with your book bag or briefcase, etc. No unauthorized books or class materials, bookbags, purses, cell phones or other unauthorized electronic devices are allowed in exam rooms. Please leave them in your locker.

Students who do not have laptops or have an emergency need for a laptop may reserve one by contacting Vicki Lill. The library has a limited number of laptops available for check out. You will pick up your laptop just prior to your exam from the IT Department located in Room 170 in the library and return it to Vicki Lill following your exam. Students who have laptops may not use one of the library laptops for an exam.

Identifying Yourself

For exams on Exam 4, you will log in with your exam number. When we print your exam answer, the software will automatically add a header with your exam number, course name, professor’s name and page number on each page and you do not need to worry about typing that as part of your answer. If you are not using Exam 4 (e.g., for a take home exam or pursuant to a professor’s instructions), you must set up headers and footers with your exam number, the name of the class and your professor’s name. This information must be included for take-home exams which are typed if Exam 4 is not being used. If you are writing your exam, put your exam number, the course name and the professor’s name on all bluebooks. For computer-graded answer sheets, instructions will be provided with the exam for putting your exam number on the answer sheet. Put your exam number on the top of the exam and, if required, on each page of the exam. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON ANYTHING.

Exam Distribution

All exams are handed out in envelopes by exam number.

After the exam has been handed out and any preliminary matters are covered, the exam distributor will tell you the time the exam will end and that you may remove your exams from the envelopes and begin. You may not start the exam until you are told to do so by the person distributing the exam.

Computer problems during an exam

If you experience computer problems during an exam, you should switch to writing immediately. We will not give you extra time because you had a problem. Everything you have typed using Exam 4 will be retrievable.

Turning in Your Answers and Exams

Exams taken using Exam 4 will be submitted electronically to the server. Our tech staff will be on hand in the exam rooms to assist with any technical problems in submitting the exam. If you are not able to submit electronically, raise your hand and wait until tech staff is able to assist you. Again, do not type anything or click on anything unless the time caller or tech staff member is standing by you. Exams successfully submitted will be listed on the monitors in the lobby. You should check to be sure your exam number is listed before you leave the building. When you hand in your answers in green books, please tuck your green books inside of each other. That is, put your second green book inside the back cover of your first green book, put your third green book inside the back cover of your second green book, etc. Please number your green books, e.g., 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.

You will also need to hand in your exam and all used scratch paper.

Quiet Please!

During the entire exam period, we want the Law College to be as quiet as possible. Please remember that as you pass through or spend time in the lobby, library, student lounge and halls. Please remain quiet in the exam room before exams are handed out. Exams will not be handed out until the room is quiet. If you are standing in line waiting to turn in your exam before time is called, please do not talk. That can be very distracting to those students who are still writing or typing.

Please do not talk even after time has been called. There may be another exam in progress in an adjoining or nearby room and the noise of a group of students who have just finished an exam is very distracting!

Emergencies & Rescheduling Exams

If you find yourself in an emergency situation on the day of your exam, contact Marc Pearce, or if you cannot reach him, contact Vicki Lill. An exam can be rescheduled for special circumstances beyond your control that affect your capacity to take the exam at the regularly scheduled time. Examples of these circumstances include: serious illness, car accident, birth of a child and death of a family member.

Study Rooms


During the final examination period, study groups needing a room can use the study rooms in the library (see librarians for the room reservation policies for library rooms) or reserve rooms 109, 111, 113, 121, 122, 124, 125; the Governors Room or the Presidents Room in the library; or the Courtroom, Jury Room or Judge’s Chambers in the Welpton Building. The rooms will generally be available for use on Monday through Friday after 5:00 p.m., and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

The rooms in Welpton may be reserved during the day when not being used for a review session. These rooms may not be reserved by study groups if needed for any class, exam, interview, deposition, trial or faculty review session.

In order to use rooms 109, 111, 113, 121, 122, 124, 125, the Governors Room, the Presidents Room, the Courtroom, the Judge’s Chambers or the Jury Room, you must see Patty Cavanagh in the Dean’s Office and reserve the room. These rooms cannot be reserved for individual use and cannot be reserved for more than 5 hours on the weekends. Any group that is not in the room at the start time for which they reserved the room forfeits the room. The rooms are locked shortly before 5 pm. Students who are using the rooms after 5 pm must sign the sheet at the library circulation desk and unlock the room with the key from the library circulation desk. Students are responsible for re-locking the room when finished and signing the sheet at the library circulation desk affirming that they have done so. Students who are in one of the rooms before 5 pm and are using the room after that time, will be asked to leave and must obtain the key from the library desk to unlock the room. We require this procedure to make sure that students understand the importance of locking these rooms. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY NOT USE THE COMPUTER OR ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT IN ANY OF THE ROOMS. Students who do not comply with these policies will forfeit the ability to reserve rooms.


If you have any questions about these policies and procedures, contact Marc Pearce or Vicki Lill.