Space Law Conference

The 2021 Nebraska Virtual Space Law Week was September 27 - October 1.

Space Law Week had over 200 participants, many of whom attended multiple events, adding up to more than 300 total live attendees during our sessions! This is our 14th year producing a space law conference in the fall, and the program's rich history in these topics is something that wouldn't be possible without the support of the full space law community across the globe. 

We look forward to the conference coming back to DC in 2022, and continue to plan for visits and events in 2021.

The full 2021 Space Law Week schedule is available for download via PDF by clicking on the agenda cover below.

Recordings and transcripts of every session will be available in 1-2 weeks on the University of Nebraska Media Hub, where you can find videos from past events.

Thank you to all our speakers!

Allison Crutchfield — Sr. Manager, Regulatory Affairs at Space X
Caryn Schenewerk — Vice-President, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Relativity Space
Dr. Peter Martinez — Executive Director, Secure World Foundation & Former Chairman of South African Council for Space Affairs
Julia Selman Ayetey — Junior Partner, Ashong Benjamin & Associates
Timiebi Aganaba — Assistant Professor of Space and Society School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University 
Jennifer Manner — Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at EchoStar Corporation
Jennifer Warren — Vice President, Technology Policy & Regulation, Lockheed Martin
Mike Gold — Executive Vice President for Civil Space and External Affairs at Redwire Space, NASA Johnson Space Center
Frans von der Dunk — Perlman Alumni & Othermer Professor of Space Law, University of Nebraska - Lincoln 
Dr. Dale Stephens — Professor and Director, Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics, University of Adelaide Law School, Australia
Dr. Andrea Harrington — Professor and Dean of Space Education (Interim), Air University, U.S. Air Force
Christopher J. Borgen — Professor and Co-Director of the Center for International and Comparative Law at St. John’s University of Law 
Please also join us in recognizing our two student moderators, Leana Brown and Endeliza Hampton, and our faculty moderators, Jack Beard and Matt Schaefer, and our exec director Elsbeth Magilton who hosted special sessions for students and alumni.

We appreciate you time, questions, and participation this year and hope you join us again in the future.  

 Thank you,
Matthew Schaefer, Professor, Founding Director, and Co-Director
Justin (Gus) Hurwitz, Professor and Co-Director
Jack Beard, Professor and Co-Director
Elsbeth Magilton, Executive Director
Frans von der Dunk, Professor
Joshua Redwine, Program Coordinator


The 2020 Nebraska Virtual Space Law Week
was held September 28 – October 2nd

On behalf of the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program at the University of Nebraska College of Law we want to thank you for attending a session (or many sessions!) during the 2020 Nebraska Virtual Space Law Week! 

From the Artemis Accords, commercial space launches, spectrum management, military space issues, and COSPAR - we’ve covered the gamut! Not to forget our student and new professional sessions discussing research skills, with the Space Court Foundation, and managing the job search. Between all nine sessions throughout the week, we welcomed just over 400 participants to our virtual halls for rich and vibrant discussions of modern space law issues. 

Recordings of all the sessions are available on the program's Media Hub page.

We particularly want to thank all our speakers and moderators for taking time from their busy schedules to join us this week. Please take a moment to revisit our schedule of events and check out the 27 individuals we spent time with this week, learning from their expertise.

If you enjoyed Nebraska Virtual Space Law Week and want to memorialize the experience, shirts and hoodies are available, and portion of those sales go to the Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecom Law Student Club to help them fund activities and student experiences. 

Finally, for attorneys seeking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit hours, the five main sessions were each approved for one hour of Nebraska CLE hours. An attendance report generated after each session was created to show who was in attendance and for how long. A certificate of attendance was attached to the final conference email sent Friday 10/2/2020, with course numbers listed per session. If you are licensed outside of Nebraska you should follow your state’s directions for applying for out of state credit. Your attendance has been reported to the Nebraska Bar Association.

As our Co-Director Professor Jack Beard said today as he closed our final session, “stay safe on land, and peaceful in space.” We wish you well and thank you again. 

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Co-Sponsored by the American Society of International Law Space Law Interest Group and the American Branch of the International Law Association.


Notes from the 2019 12th Annual Nebraska Space Law Conference
"Global Perspectives on Space Law and Policy"

We want to thank everyone who joined us at the 12th Annual Nebraska Space Law Conference "Global Perspectives on Space Law and Policy" conference on October 18th. Our world and the technology we create is moving at a rapid pace. It is my hope that conversations like those we’ve enjoyed during this conference prepare us to practice in those environments. Thank you for being a part of it.

Professor Matt Schaefer and Executive Director Magilton were pleased to hand off the resources of the NASA Space Law Network grant to Dennis Burnett and Ryan Noble and share the news of the creation of a United States Center on Space Law at the conference. While Nebraska is an excited collaborator and supporter, the project is not being directly run by the Nebraska Law program and questions are more properly directed at those developing the center. 
Please keep your eyes out for more information.

Conference Photo

All photos by Craig Chandler, University of Nebraska Communications
More photos will be made available or shared with speakers and stakeholders.  

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