2018 Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference, "Thinking Outside the Silo: Creative Problem Solving in Deterrence and Assurance"

Everything you remember about traditional deterrence theory?

We Challenged It.
This workshop challenged conventional wisdom to address the changing landscape of security threats and war fighting domains. Presentations featured outside the box thinking and used new and innovative methodologies to reassess old problems and address new ones in deterring adversaries and assuring allies. Panels and presentations at the conference  centered around innovative and new ways to think about old and new problems alike. 

The conference included a student-centered invitation only Table Top Exercise at U.S. at Offutt Air Force Base.

The conference was held on March 15-16th, 2018. 

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The 2018 conference was proudly sponsored and hosted by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln's Department of Political Science and the College of Law's Space, Cyber, and Telecommunication's Law Program. 

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Letter From the Organizers

We truly enjoying hosting the conference the past two days. Again we could like to thank all of our panelists and speakers for their participation and the student volunteers and staff who supported us from behind the scenes. This event, and the success of the Alliance, is only possible because of dedicated and passionate professionals interested in the security and prosperity of their country. We thank all of you for your time and engagement. 

With panelist permission these papers will also soon be available on the DAAA website: http://www.stratcom.mil/Academic-Alliance/.

You can learn more about our opening evening keynote speaker Amy Herman at http://www.visualintelligencebook.com/.

Elsbeth Magilton and Tyler White

What is the DAAA?

The purpose of the Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA) is to develop a community of interest focused on the themes of national security, deterrence and assurance, to leverage expertise and research on the concepts and practice of deterrence and assurance, and to encourage development of deterrence professionals in order to meet the Nation's need for future generations of leaders to address these challenges.  

The Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance provides a forum for communication and collaboration. USSTRATCOM staff will provide venues for academic communication and collaboration in the form of a website, annual workshop, speaking engagements, electronic journal, and electronic database of past, current and future research. Additionally, the alliance generates Ideas for Research. USSTRATCOM staff will publish a list of suggested research topics, questions and issues of interests that could be investigated by alliance members.

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Contacts For the 2018 Event

Douglas Vance
Academic Alliance Coordinator, J55
Phone: 402-232-5702 (DSN 272)

Elsbeth Magilton
College of Law, Executive Director of the Space, Cyber, and Telecom Law Program
E-mail: elsbeth@unl.edu
Phone: 402-472-1662

Tyler White
Political Science Dept, Assistant Professor of Practice 
E-mail: twhite4@unl.edu
Phone: 402-472-9443

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