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Welcome to Nebraska Law! While you are a student here, and as an eventual alumnus, you no doubt will accomplish great things. We are always interested in knowing about these accomplishments. So, be sure to let us know if you get married, win an award, get a new job, move to a new city, publish an article, win a competition, are elected to office, or just have good news to share.

We will always do our best to publicize your accomplishments through press releases, the website and social media, and various publications. We also want to be sure that we address you correctly while you are at the College of Law. To do so, we need some information from you. 

Please complete this release before you arrive for Orientation.

(If you do not have a middle initial, simply put an asterisk.)
Please indicate the phonetic pronunciation. Examples: Jonathan Williams (Jon-uh-thuh n Wil-yuh mz) OR Matthew Koch (sounds like cook)/(rhymes with book)
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