Comparative Chinese Law and Culture Study Abroad Program

Students at study abroad in China

May 9-24, 2020

The University of Nebraska College of Law announces its third annual two week study abroad program to China to study Chinese law, legal institutions, and culture. 

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Students in China


The purpose of the trip is to permit students to have first hand experience in comparing Chinese and American law and culture. Instruction in Chinese law (in English) is provided by the law faculty of Xi’an Jiaotong Unviersity in Xi’an and the Chinese University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. One week is spent at each institution. Students are expected to read: Chow, “The Legal System of the People’s Republic of China in a Nutshell” prior to departure or enroute to China. On return, students are expected to submit a detailed journal and reflections on the differences observed between Chinese and American law for 2 hours credit, or, for 3 hours credit, a research paper comparing an aspect of Chinese and American law in addition to their general reflections. Visits are arranged to Chinese courts and other legal institutions as well as major cultural sites. The program for 2019 will be substantially similar to that of 2018 (see attached). Students from other law schools would be expected to register as a visiting student at Nebraska and are responsible for assuring their home law school will allow the transfer of this credit. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.


Students are expected to pay for their international airfare ($1700 est.), their passport and visa, and modest additional fees including support from the Nebraska Education Abroad Office and to cover the costs of gifts. Students are also expected to purchase a health plan for international travel available from the University as well as a global plan for their cell phones. Students will also pay tuition for academic credit from the University of Nebraska. All students will be charged the resident tuition rate which currently is $395/credit hour. Students may enroll for 2 or 3 credit hours. All in-country expenses including lodging, most meals, instructional costs, transportation, and admission and guides for cultural events are provided by the Headquarters of the Confucius Institutes (Hanban) as part of their Young Leaders Fellowship Program.  


The trip is led by Professor Harvey Perlman or Professor Eric Berger, both of whom are experienced travelers in China. The trip is intensely scheduled during the days and accompanied by English speaking guides or Chinese student volunteers for all official activities. The schedule for the 2019 trip is available below. Some evenings are free for individual explorations. We stay in modern hotels near each University with traditional hotel services. Students are housed two to a room. Most students find the food outstanding. China is vegetarian friendly. Most food allergies can be accommodated. China is not ADA compliant. There is considerable walking and stairs throughout the trip.

Read about last year's program. 


Students interested in applying for the program should do so at Deadline for receiving applications is February 1, 2020 or until the course is full. Any current first or second year law student may apply. Acceptance to the program will be initially determined by Professor Perlman based on the application and recommendation of the student’s Dean. Students must also be accepted by Hanban for a Young Leaders Fellowship, the application for which will be submitted by Professor Perlman.  Questions can be sent directly to Professor Perlman at


Students are expected to be in Xi’an China to begin the lectures on Monday morning, May 11th which means departure from U.S. on the 9th at the latest. Students are expected to remain until Sunday, May 24th. Students may plan additional travel before or after the course at their own costs. Efforts will be made to align travel plans so most students will arrive in China at approximately the same time.


Increasing tensions between the governments of China and the United States may impact visa and other arrangements that could require cancellation of the trip. It is recommended students not make non-refundable airline reservations until instructed to do so by the program.


Date/ City




Arrive Xi’an


5-6/Monday/ Xi’an

10:00  Lecture: Chinese Legal Culture: Rule of Law Thought in Confucian Legal Tradition

15:00  Lecture:  Contemporary Economy of China

16:40  Orientation

Main Building E-910

5-7/Tuesday/ Xi’an

9:00   Lecture: Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law

12:00  Welcome Banquet

14:00  Lecture:  Chinese Civil Law

16:00  Lecture: Judicial Reform and Future Court in AI Era

19:00  Muslim Street

Main Building E-910

Main Building A-102

5-8/Wednesday/ Xi’an

9:00   Lecture:  Cyber security Issues and Law in China

15:00  Visiting the Local Court

19:00  Dumpling Banquet

Main Building E-910

5-9/Thursday/ Xi’an

9:00   Lecture: Judicial Decision-Making in Traditional China

14:00  Forest of Stone Steles Museum

16:00  Ride Bikes on City Wall

18:00  Culture Show

Main Building E-910

5-10/Friday/ Xi’an

9:00   Lecture By Prof. Harvey Perlman & Richard Moberly

14:00 Lecture: The Academic Communication between the Chinese and Foreign students

16:00  Grounds of Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Main Building E-910

5-11/Saturday/ Xi’an

8:00   Visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors

14:00  Big Wild Goose Pagoda、Shaanxi History Museum


5-12/Sunday/ Xi’an

9:15 - 13:50

Leave Xi’an for Beijing by High-speed Train



Arrive Beijing:  13:50

Meeting CUPL volunteers at Beijing West Railway Station

Visit Olympic Village

Welcome dinner



9:00-11:30  Seminar:  Tort Law in China


13:30  Attend Court hearing in Haidian District Court



9:00-11:30  Seminar:  Intellectual Property Law in China         

13:00   Tiananmen Square and Palace Museum

18:00    Dinner

19:00    Beijing Opera       




9:00-11:30  Seminar:  China’s Diplomacy and “The Belt and Road Initiative”

12:00   Lunch         

14:00   Visit Standing Committee of NPC

16:00   Visit Confucius Institute Headquarters

18:00   Dinner

19:00   Visit Silk Market and Wangfujin Street




9:00-12:00  Seminar:  Contract Law of China        

14:00   Visit Western Law Firm

16:00   Visit China Court Museum



9:00-11:30  Seminar:  International Treaties in Chinese Law

12:00   Lunch

16:30-18:00 Ceremony & Final program presentation by groups

18:00-20:00 Farewell Dinner




Great Wall and Temple of Heaven



Leave Beijing for the US

Airport see-off by Volunteers