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Successful lawyers use a wide array of skills – from analytical thinking to networking to writing. Nebraska Law’s core curriculum is designed to teach you many of these skills through doctrinal, clinical, and other skills-focused courses. The Build Your Character (BYC) program is designed to help you continue to build these skills both inside the classroom and outside through your participation in various opportunities. Your coursework and opportunities such as externships, competitions, and student organization membership complement each other and allow you to enhance your strengths and build the skills you need to become a complete lawyer. Use these BYC tags to help you identify potential growth areas and to set goals; then, look for these tags when considering whether to take advantage of an opportunity presented.*

* The BYC skills are based on research presented in Predicting Lawyer Effectiveness: A New Assessment for Use in Law School Admission Decisions (2009) by Marjorie M. Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck and used with express permission from the authors.

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