Briana Hildebrand

Briana Hildebrand Class of 2016 - Bismark, North Dakota

"Nebraska Law is great because it provides an inviting and comfortable learning environment where fellow students, faculty, and staff all make education a priority."

My Experience

Academic Concentration


Student Organizations

Nebraska Law Review – Online Editor

Black Law Student Association

Women's Law Caucus

Delta Theta Phi Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program – "Big" and "Little"

Practical Experience

Civil Clinic Fall 2015 – Student Attorney

"One of my favorite experiences was participating in the Client Counseling Competition. Law school is largely theoretical and the Client Counseling Competition presents an opportunity for practical application. It was such a fun experience because the coaches were wonderful, but also because we were able to see just how what we are learning comes together in practice."
Client Counseling Cake Presentation
"I won't ever forget the day Chief Justice Roberts visited our Constitutional Law class. It was an awe-inspiring experience because as a law student I read opinion everyday written by the Nine. To have the opportunity to interact with a Supreme Court Justice brought the cases we read to life and developed an even greater personal connection with the law."
"I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in Nebraska Law's Diversity Day. It is always fun to explain to others why you chose to attend law school and what opportunities they too might find there. The kids were so appreciative and excited to learn which made by job very easy."
High School Diversity Day