Billie Gallagher

Billie Gallagher Class of 2017 - Lincoln, Nebraska

"The best thing about Nebraska Law is the incredible sense of community. The feeling of camaraderie that exists not just among the students, but also between the students and faculty, makes Nebraska Law an extremely encouraging environment in which to learn the law."

My Experience

Academic Concentration

Constitutional Law & Criminal Litigation

Student Organizations

American Constitution Society – President

Student Bar Association – 1L & 2L Class Representative, Executive Vice President

Nebraska Moot Court Board

National Moot Court Team

National Trial Team

Practical Experience

Criminal Clinic – Student Attorney

The Honorable Joseph F. Bataillon, Senior United States District Judge – Legal Extern

Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration, Office of General Counsel – Law Clerk

United States Attorney's Office for the District of Nebraska – Law Clerk

Nebraskans for Civic Reform – Law Clerk

Professor Richard Moberly – Research Assistant

Professor Eric Berger – Research Assistant

"Participating in Nebraska Law's moot court competitions has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. These competitions provided me the opportunity to argue before numerous attorneys and judges, including panels from both the Nebraska Court of Appeals and the Nebraska Supreme Court. I was additionally selected as a member of Nebraska Law's National Moot Court Team and was a quarterfinalist with my team in the regional competition."
Billie and Kristina Moot Court Competition
"During the summer after my 2L year, I clerked in the Executive Office of the President, in the Office of Administration's Office of General Counsel. I had always wanted to work for the federal government, and this clerkship was an incredible opportunity to experience government legal work firsthand. This clerkship exposed me to a variety of legal issues and allowed me to work on a vast array of different projects. Knowing that the work I was doing helped support the President in the execution of his duties was inspiring beyond words."
"During the Fall Semester of my 3L year I participated in the Criminal Clinic and I absolutely adored the experience. Having the opportunity to actually practice law while still in law school is an invaluable experience that really helps to prepare you for your legal career. During the semester I was able to conduct multiple court hearings, including two bench trials. After my experience with the Criminal Clinic I am now considering pursing a career in criminal prosecution."
Billie Gallagher
"Many of my most valued academic experiences have come from Professor Berger's courses. My love of constitutional law was what led me to attend law school in the first place, and I could not have asked for a better professor to cultivate and challenge my thinking regarding constitutional issues. Professor Berger's courses often elicit thoughtful discussions about complex issues, and Professor Berger constantly presses students to challenge their thoughts and opinions. I cannot express how much I have valued learning about a topic I am so passionate about from someone like Professor Berger."
Billie with American Constitution Society