Admitted Student Portal


For the week of August 12th

There is no new information for this week! Instead, just a number of reminders to make sure you have all the Is dotted and Ts crossed before Orientation.

Remember, if you plan to get a locker at the law school, remember you will need to supply your own lock. Bring it with you to Orientation.

Between now and the first day of Orientation, make sure you have done the following:

  • Under Law School Essentials:
  • From the week of May 13th
    • Signed up for the law school listservs
    • Submitted your final undergraduate transcripts
    • Updated your mailing and email addresses with the law school and in MyRed
  • From the week of July 22nd
    • Reviewed the law school Honor Code
    • Reviewed the law school Rules and Regulations
  • From the week of August 5th
    • Familiarized yourself with Canvas
    • Look over the Orientation schedule
  • Under University Necessities:
  • From the week of May 13th
    • Claimed your email address
  • From the week fo July 15th
    • Ordered your parking permit, if you want to park on campus
  • From the week of July 29th
    • Arranged to get your NCard
  • Under Financial Aid and Budgeting:
  • From the week of July 8th
    • Review and accept your loan offer
  • Under Forms to Complete:
  • From the week of May 20th
    • Completed the UNL Health Requirement Form (Required)
  • From the week of August 5
    • Completed the Communication Release Form (Required)
    • Completed the Photo Consent Form (Required)

From the week of August 5th

  • To read under Law School Essentials:
    • Accessing Canvas
    • Orientation Information
      • Orientation Schedule
      • Orientation Reading Assignments
      • “The Law School Experience” for Students and Family Members
    • Academic Success Resource Program Information
    • First Class Assignments
    • SBA Book Sale Flyer
  • To review under Techology:
    • Important Technology Information
      • Laptop Setup, create a box account, printing services, computer-based exams
  • To do under Forms to Complete:
    • Required: Communication Release Form
    • Required: Photo Consent Form

Law School EssentialsThe place for all things Nebraska Law. From listservs to class registration to orientation information – you will find it here.

Week of August 5th

Accessing Canvas

Orientation Information

Academic Success Resource Program Information

First Class Assignments

SBA Book Sale Flyer

Important Technology Information

Week of July 29th

Library Hours

Sounding Block Information

Week of July 22nd

Letter from 2L Class President

Book Lists

Buying your Books

SBA Book Discount Correction

Honor Code

Rules & Regulations

Residence Hall Move-In

Week of July 15th

Class T-Shirt & Gear Purchasing

Important Reminders

Week of June 17th

Faculty Advisor

Alumni Mentor

Big / Little Mentor Program

Week of June 10th

Weclome from the Student Bar Association

Nebraska Law Student Organizations: how to find out more

Week of June 3rd

Check out the 1L Fall Class Schedule

Learn what a Registration Group is

Review instructions on registration and get registered

Week of May 25th

Nebraska Law Gear Purchasing

Summer Admitted Student Lunch Details

Second Enrollment Deposit & Registration

Week of May 20th

Read over Nebraska Law text book information

Finding housing in Lincoln

Finding a Roommate

Carpooling from Omaha

Week of May 13th

Sign up for the College of Law listservs

Submit your final undergraduate transcript

Keep your address and email current

University NecessitiesEverything associated with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will be under this tab. wondering about getting your email address, parking passes, student ID, etc.? This is the spot.

Week of July 29th

Obtaining NCard for New Students

Campus Smoking Policy

Week of July 15th

Parking Permits

Campus, Parking & Bus Maps

Week of May 20th

UNL Health Insurance

UNL Health Requirements

Purchasing Husker Athletic Student Tickets (Optional)

Week of May 13th

Get to know the University technology systems

Claim your NU ID and set up your passwords

Confirm you can access MyRed

Claim your email

Career DevelopmentStart your first year off right with an updated resume and knowing your Gallup Strengths. Do’s and don’ts will be in this section.

Week of June 24th

Your Legal Resume

Resume Writing Resources

Looking for Something to Read?

Financial Aid and BudgetingWhat’s my tuition rate? When will my loan refund come in? How do I live within my means in law school? Discover answers to these questions, and more, here.

Week of July 8th

Options When it Comes to Loans: Types, Applying, & Limits

Federal Loan Application Procedures

Notification & Acceptance of Loan Awards

Scholarships & Loan Distribution: When & How You Get Your Money

Student Budget & Budget Worksheet

Learning about Access Lex & Access Lex Webinar

Where to go with Questions?

TechnologyThe one stop spot for all things computer related – WiFi, printing, software, purchasing recommendations, etc.

Week of August 5th

Important Technology Information

Forms to CompleteNeed a roommate? There’s a form for that. Looking for other commuters? There’s a form for that. Want an alumni mentor or a Big Brother/Sister? Yup, forms for that!

Week of August 5th

Required: Communication Release Form

Required: Photo Consent Form

Week of June 17th

Optional: Faculty Advisor Form

Optional: Alumni Mentor Form

Optional: Big / Little Mentor Survey Form

Week of May 20th

Required: UNL Health Requirement Form

Optional: Commuter Profile Form

Optional: Roommate Profile Form