Academic Success Programming

1L Programming

The Academic Success Program at the College of Law is designed to help first year students acquire the essential skills needed to be successful law students and ultimately successful lawyers. In the first semester, the program focuses on teaching students:

  • how to effectively read and brief cases
  • how to analyze a case
  • how to issue-spot
  • how to take effective notes
  • how to outline
  • how to take exams

Programs are arranged and taught by Assistant Dean Marc Pearce on Friday afternoons during Fall 2014.

Mandatory 1L Programming

The majority of the programming is optional, but there are 3 sessions in the fall that are mandatory for all 1Ls:

  • “What to do Before, During and After Class”
  • “What to do Before, During and After Class”
  • “How to Take Law School Exams.”

In the spring semester, all 1Ls are required to attend 1 session, “Assessing First Semester Exam Performance.”

Weekly Programming

Beginning the first week of classes, 1L students have the opportunity to attend a weekly Academic Success Program class. These classes are 60 minutes long and focus on a variety of different topics specifically designed to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed as a law student. Participation in these weekly classes is optional.

During the spring semester, weekly programming focuses on outlining and exam-writing.

2L Programming

Building upon the 1L Academic Success Program, 2Ls will have the opportunity to attend 3-4 Academic Success Program sessions during the fall semester. These sessions are designed specifically for second year students who are interested in additional practice exercises.