Roscoe’s Online System for Career Opportunity and Education

ROSCOE is the University of Nebraska College of Law’s online recruiting system, powered by Symplicity. It is named for Roscoe Pound, a well-known legal scholar and one of the law college’s former deans.


All of our student services are coordinated through ROSCOE. It's the place to start, whether you're responding to requests for programming RSVPs; scheduling counseling appointments, mock interviews or on-campus interviews; researching employers; or conducting national job searches. All students receive a username and password during the summer before their first year. If you did not receive a username and password or are having trouble logging in, contact the Career Development Office at 472-5130 or

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ROSCOE is designed to assist you with all of your hiring needs, at no charge. ROSCOE allows you to post jobs, schedule on-campus interviews, browse resume books, and arrange resume collections. The first step to taking advantage of these services is to request an account from ROSCOE or by contacting us directly at (402) 472-5130 or You should receive a response within one business day of submitting your request.

To assist you in navigating ROSCOE, we've created a guide to ROSCOE for employers. This guide will walk you through several major components of ROSCOE, including posting a job opening, requesting an interview schedule for on-campus interviews, and completing your employer profile. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our office at (402) 472-5130 or

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All students retain access to ROSCOE (and the Career Development Office) after graduation. If you do not already have a ROSCOE account, you may request one from ROSCOE or the Career Development Office. You can expect to be granted access to postings within two business days of submitting your application and confirming your email address. If you need access more quickly or are having trouble registering, please call (402) 472-5130 for assistance. Once signed up, you will have access to a database of employers and job postings.

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