Quick Facts
Year Founded 1891

Lincoln, NE (pop. 262,000)

Enrollment 409 approx.
Accreditation ABA, AALS
Degrees JD, MLS, LLM, SJD
Resident Faculty 40
Adjunct Faculty 20
Number in Entering Class 127
Median LSAT 155
Median GPA 3.61
2013 Entering Class Profile View Profile
Class of 2012 Nebraska Bar Passage Rate (First Time Taking Nebraska Bar) 92.31%
Class of 2012 Employed or in Graduate School Within 9 Months After Graduation 87%
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Alumni 6,000+


2013 Entering Class Profile
Number in Entering Class: 127
Percent from Nebraska: 64%
Percent from Out of State: 36%
Percent Students of Color: 9%
Percent Female: 48%
Average Age: 24.07
Percent 27 Years Old or Older: 15%
Number of Undergraduate Institutions Represented: 49
Number of Majors Represented: 31
Median LSAT: 155
25-75% LSAT: 152-159
Median GPA: 3.61
25-75% GPA: 3.32-3.81
History fo the Law College


Employment Statistics

In 2012, the Career Services Office once again conducted an annual survey to track employment among our most recent graduates. This survey attempts to track the type of employment secured, geographical location, and salary ranges for the class.

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