Current Externships

Semster-Long, Full-Time Externships

Honors Externship in the Department of Defense Office of General Counsel (Internationl Affairs):
This honors externship in Washington, D.C. is one of the most prestigious international law/national security externship opportunities for law students in the United States Government and meets the requirements of a full semester (12 credits) at the University of Nebraska College of Law.  Students serving in this externship are involved in significant work and every effort is made to integrate them into the professional life of the office.  Duties include legal research, drafting memoranda and assisting in the drafting of international agreements, attending departmental and inter-agency meetings, and dealing with senior national security officials of the U.S. Government. The externship offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe and participate in international legal practice in the United States government, hands-on experience in national security legal matters, and a unique and valuable insight into career opportunities in this field.  A security clearance is necessary.

United States Senate Externship:
This externship is with the Office of United States Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska. The extern will earn 12 hours of credit by working in Sen. Fischer’s office in Washington, D.C. The work involves a variety of projects such as drafting floor amendments, legal memoranda on legislation, letters on legal issues, and summaries of Supreme Court opinions. Other work may include briefing the Senator and preparing questions, testimony, and summaries for Committee hearings.  Externs may also attend arguments at the United States Supreme Court, sessions of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, hearings (including nomination hearings) and executive sessions of Senate Committees, hearings of House Committees, and lectures on legal research and parliamentary procedure by the Congressional Research Office.