Professor Sandra Zellmer Co-Authors Book About Mississippi River Tragedies

Sandra Zellmer is co-author of "Mississippi River Tragedies: A Century of Unnatural Disaster," a new book that uses a series of stories to show that it is misleading to call floods and other environmental catastrophes "natural." The book was published by New York University Press.

Zellmer, a professor of law, and co-author Christine Klein, strive to uncover the larger story of how the law reflects and even amplifies ambivalent attitudes toward nature — simultaneously revering wild rivers and places for what they are, while working feverishly to change them into something else.

In this book, the authors conclude that, although the acknowledgement of human responsibility for unnatural disasters can lead to blame, guilt, and liability, it can also prod individuals to confront the consequences of society's actions, hopefully leading to a liberating sense of possibility and to the knowledge necessary to avoid future disasters.

Professor Zellmer


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Professor Blankley Presents at ADR Meeting

Professor BlankleyProfessor Kristen Blankley gave a presentation on the biggest developments in arbitration law at the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida on April 4, 2014. This conference is the biggest conference of the year in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Professor Eric Berger Discusses Lethal Injection on Huffington Post Live

Professor BergerOn March 25, 2014 Professor Eric Berger appeared on HuffPostLive discussing lethal injection and what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. See the full segment here.


Professor Brian Lepard Participates in Dissertation Defense of French Law Student

Professor LepardProfessor Brian Lepard, a recognized expert on international human rights law and comparative law, recently participated as a member of the jury in the dissertation defense of a French law student, Hamdam Nadafi, at the Université Jean Monnet in Saint Etienne, France. Professor Lepard served as co-director of Dr. Nadafi’s dissertation, which is entitled “Freedom of Religion in States with Islamic Law.” The principal director of her research was Dr. Baptiste Bonnet, Professor at the Université Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne. Dr. Nadafi successfully obtained the doctorate in public law degree. 


Professor Ruser Leads Workshop in Kosovo

Professor RuserProfessor Kevin Ruser spent March 24-28 leading a working group at the University of Pristina Faculty of Law in Kosovo. The purpose of the workshop was to draft a framework for a style manual for legal research. Ruser will continue to assist the law faculty at that University until the manual is complete.


Dority Baker and Pearlman publish A Bibliography of University of Nebraska College of Law Faculty Scholarship 1892-2013

Professors Dority Baker and PearlmanThis new book published by the University of Nebraska Press and a Schmid Law Library Publication Series title, lists all the faculty members at the University of Nebraska College of Law from 1892-2013, as well as adjunct professors and visiting faculty. This project was compiled by Schmid Law Library librarians, Marcia L. Dority Baker (Access Services Librarian) and Stefanie S. Pearlman (Reference Librarian). A digital version of the bibliography is available here from the University of Nebraska (UNL) Digital Commons.


Professor Frans von der Dunk co-chairing and speaking at the Practitioners’ Forum organized by the European Centre for Space Law

Professor von der DunkOn March 14, 2014, Professor Frans von der Dunk is coordinating, co-chairing and speaking at the annual Practitioners’ Forum organized by the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) on 'Recent Developments in Export Control Regulations on Space Technology’. He will introduce the program and speak on the international setting; the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Missile Technology Control Regime and the Wassenaar Arrangement.


Professor Zellmer Named Distinguished Summer Scholar

Professor ZellmerProfessor Sandi Zellmer was named one of four Distinguished Summer Scholars at Vermont Law School. They invite leaders in the fields of environmental, energy, agriculture, and international environmental law to serve as Distinguished Summer Scholars in residency during the VLS Summer Session. Each Distinguished Summer Scholar delivers a public lecture, participates in informal social events on campus, and is available to meet with students individually.


Professor Eric Berger’s Article Recently Accepted for Publication

Professor BergerProfessor Eric Berger’s article The Rhetoric of Constitutional Absolutism was recently accepted for publication by the William and Mary Law Review. The article examines the U.S. Supreme Court’s practice of writing some of its constitutional opinions to sound easy, even when the cases are, in fact, difficult and deeply contested. Professor Berger also presented this article at a faculty workshop on March 18, 2014 at Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee, WI.


Professor Kristen Blankley to Publish Article on the Federal Arbitration Act

Professor BlankleyProfessor Kristen Blankley will be publishing her article, Impact Preemption: A New Theory of Preemption Under the Federal Arbitration Act in the Florida Law Review. Her Article examines the history and purposes of the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) and concludes that flaws in early Supreme Court jurisprudence has expanded preemption to new and unexplained bounds. The Article recommends that the Supreme Court reconsider its jurisprudence and return to a traditional conflict preemption analysis under the FAA. 


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