Brian Striman

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Brian D. Striman

Professor of Law Library, Head of Technical Services, and Catalog Librarian

156 LAW UNL 68583-0902
(402)472-8286 | Email

  • M.L.I.S., 1978, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • B.A., 1974, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • Professor of Law Library, 2001
  • Associate Professor of Law Library, 1988
  • Assistant Professor of Law Library, 1982


Some of Professor Striman's most recent professional awards and activities include: the 2009 American Association of Law Librarianship (AALL) award recipient Volunteer Service Award for "significant contributions to the work of AALL. 2010 Chair of the Nominations Committee for AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section. Award recipient Certificate of Appreciation for 2007 from the TS-SIS. 2006/2007 President of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL is a regional chapter of AALL comprised of 19 consortia law libraries in 9 states), and was the MAALL Education Committee Chair of the 2005 MAALL annual meeting. Brian was recently awarded a plaque of appreciation from TS and OBS-SIS's for his work as editor-in-chief of the quarterly publication Technical Services Law Librarian 2004-2008. Professor Striman is active on several UNL Libraries committees and task force groups, including the GPO Committee, the Electronic Resources Module Committee, and is a member of the UNL Libraries' Technical Services Council. He was Member-at-Large of the AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section for 2004-2006, and has served as Chair of the NEBASE Advisory Council from 2002-2004. Brian was a member of the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee for 2002 and was Chair of the 1999/2000 AALL Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section. He has been a member of AALL since 1983 and has given numerous presentations on national and regional levels.

  • Speaker at the 2008 MAALL Annual Meeting "Swartz v. OCLC."
  • Moderator at the 2008 AALL Annual Meeting program "Exploring Relevancy Ranking Systems in Search Engines."
  • Co-presenter 2008 pre-conference workshop AALL Annual Meeting "Amazing Technical Services: The Director's Cut."
  • Presented evening cataloging legal materials classes for selected students of the University of Missouri L.I.S. program 2005-2006.
  • Editor-in-Chief 2004-2008 Technical Services Law Librarian.
  • Speaker at the 2006 AALL Annual Meeting Chapter Leadership Roundtable: Professional Development for Council of Chapter Presidents.
  • Lectured to cataloging students on basics of law cataloging, 2003-2004.
  • Presentation at the 2003 Nebraska Library Association Annual Meeting "Dead-End OPAC's".
  • Program presenter at the 2002 AALL Annual Meeting "Technical and Public Services Connections: Making the Most of Your Online Catalog."
  • Co-presenter at 2002 SEALL/SWALL Annual Meeting "The Web: Technology and Technical Services".
  • Speaker at the 2001 MAALL Annual Meeting "Bringing the Back Room Front-and-Center: Connecting Technology and Information to Enhance User Services."
  • Co-speaker at the 2000 AALL Annual Meeting "Gateway to Career Renewal: Paths for the Experienced Librarian."


  • Contributor to 2009 AALL Annual Meeting SPECTRUM blog.
  • Quarterly columnist for TSLL "Research and Publications" 1992-1998.
  • Guest Columnist 1998 "N-Cubed: Nebraska Library Commission Network Services.
  • Columnist, TSLL, 1999 "Using LCC to Classify International Legal Materials."
  • Co-author, "Nebraska State Documents Bibliography" 1998.
  • Author, 1997, 2 articles in NLAQ "Getting a Handle on Computer Software: Developing a Plan."
  • Contributor to AALL Law Library Journal 1997 vol. 82:2, "A Day in the Life of the Law Library."