Resident Faculty
Beard, Jack M. Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-1460 Email
Berger, Eric Associate Professor of Law (402) 472-1251 Email
Blankley, Kristen Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-5345 Email
Bornstein, Brian Professor of Psychology and Courtesy Professor of Law (402) 472-3743 Email
Bradford, C. Steven Earl Dunlap Distinguished Professor of Law (402) 472-1241 Email
Brank, Eve Assistant Professor of Psychology and Courtesy Professor of Law (402) 472-3328 Email
Burkstrand-Reid, Beth Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-3158 Email
Denicola, Robert C. Margaret R. Larson Professor of Intellectual Property Law (402) 472-1253 Email
Duncan, Richard F. Sherman S. Welpton, Jr. Professor of Law (402) 472-6044 Email
Frank, Alan H. Professor of Law (402) 472-1242 Email
Gardner, Martin R. Steinhart Foundation Professor of Law (402) 472-1207 Email
Hurwitz, Justin (Gus) Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-1255 Email
Kirst, Roger W. Henry M. Grether Professor of Law (402) 472-1249 Email
Lawson, Craig M. Professor of Law (402) 472-1247 Email
Lenich, John P. Ross McCollum Professor of Law (402) 472-9971 Email
Lepard, Brian D. Law Alumni Professor of Law (402) 472-2179 Email
Leiter, Richard A. Director of the Schmid Law Library and Professor of Law (402) 472-5737 Email
Lyons, William H. Richard H. Larson Professor of Tax Law (402) 472-1246 Email
Medill, Colleen E. Robert & Joanne Berkshire Family Professor of Law (402) 472-1206 Email
Moberly, Richard E. Associate Dean for Faculty & Professor of Law (402) 472-1256 Email
Poser, Susan Dean & Richard and Catherine Schmoker Professor of Law (402) 472-2161 Email
Potuto, Josephine R. Richard H. Larson Professor of Constitutional Law (402) 472-1252 Email
Ruser, Kevin M.S. Hevelone Professor of Law (402) 472-3271 Email
Schaefer, Matt Law Alumni Professor of Law and Director of Space, Cyber, & Telecom Law Program (402) 472-1238 Email
Schmidt, Steve Associate Professor of Law (402) 472-1323 Email
Schopp, Bob Robert J. Kutak Professor of Law (402) 472-1204 Email
Schutz, Anthony Associate Professor of Law (402) 472-1248 Email
Shavers, Anna W. Cline Williams Professor of Citizenship Law (402) 472-2194 Email
Sheppard, Christal Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-1250 Email
Shoemaker, Jessica A. Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-0420 Email
Stohs, Brett C. Assistant Clinical Professor of Law & Cline Williams Director of the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (402) 472-1680 Email
Thimmesch, Adam Assistant Professor of Law (402) 472-4332 Email
Tomkins, Alan Professor of Law (402) 472-5688 Email
von der Dunk, Frans Harvey & Susan Perlman Alumni and Othmer Professor of Space Law (402) 472-1240 Email
Wiener, Richard Charles Bessey Professor of Psychology, Courtesy Professor of Law, Director, Law/Psychology Program (402) 472-1137 Email
Willborn, Steven L. Judge Harry A. Spencer Professor of Law (402) 472-9897 Email
Wilson, Catherine Associate Professor of Law (402) 472-1243 Email
Works, Bob Margaret R. Larson Professor of Insurance Law (402) 472-1257 Email
Zellmer, Sandra B. Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Law
(402) 472-1245 Email
Library Faculty
Dority Baker, Marcia Access Services Librarian & Assistant Professor of Law Library (402) 472-8307 Email
Leiter, Richard A. Director of the Schmid Law Library and Professor of Law (402) 472-5737 Email
Novak, Matthew S. Reference Librarian & Associate Professor of Law Library (402) 472-8302 Email
Pearlman, Stefanie Reference Librarian & Professor of Law Library (402) 472-1346 Email
Placzek, Sandra B. Associate Director of the Schmid Law Library and Professor of Law Library (402) 472-8261 Email
Striman, Brian D. Head of Technical Services, Catalog Librarian & Professor of Law Library (402) 472-8286 Email
Adjunct Faculty
Joel Bacon Bacon, Joel A. Legal Research & Writing
Andre Barry Barry, Andre Advanced Trial Advocacy
Stan Beeder Beeder, Stan Legal Research & Writing
  Dirgo, David C. Legal Research & Writing
Shannon Doering Doering, Shannon L. Legal Research & Writing & National Moot Court Team
Stephen Gealy Gealy, Stephen S. Pretrial Litigation
  Hayes, Heidi Representing the Spanish Speaking Client
  Hegge, Laura Legal Research & Writing
  Hubbard, David Mediation
  Johnson, Audrey Legal Writing & Research
Daniel Klaus Klaus, Daniel E. Pretrial Litigation
Cynthia Lamm Lamm, Cynthia R. Legal Research & Writing
David Landis Landis, David M. Negotiations
Jane Langan Langan, Jane F. Pretrial Litigation
Kathy Olson Olson, Kathy Clinic & Client Counseling
Bill Olson Olson, Jr., William Law Office Management
Allen Overcash Overcash, Allen L. Construction Law, Construction Law Practice
  Sidders, Jessica Legal Writing & Research
  Sullivan, Ryan Civil Clinic
  Vogel, Katherine Legal Research & Writing
Gary Young Young, Gary L. Legal Research & Writing
Emeritus Faculty
Berger, Lawrence Robert J. Kutak Professor of Law Emeritus (402) 472-8265 Email
Kalish, Stephen E. Margaret R. Larson Professor of Legal Ethics Emeritus (402) 472-2161 Email
Snowden, John R. Professor of Law Emeritus (402) 472-1255 Email
Visiting Faculty
Dooling, Richard Visiting Professor of Law (402) 472-7566 Email