Wireless Network Registration

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The College of Law has wireless connectivity throughout McCollum Hall, the Schmid Law Library, and Welpton Courtroom.  The wireless network only supports 802.11 A, G and N, 802.11 B is not supported.  Before using the wireless network, the wireless network adapter in your device must be registered. You may register your wireless MAC (Physical) address at http://wireless-reg.unl.edu/.  You will log on using your UNL Blackboard ID and password. To facilitate registration, you may use the Wireless Registration network but that will not connect you to the rest of the internet.


Connecting to the wireless network 3 step process:
Step 1: Obtain your MAC address: Windows XP - Instructions
Windows Vista - Instructions
Mac OSX - Instructions
Step 2: Register your MAC address: Instructions  
Step 3: Connect to wireless network: Windows XP - Instructions
Windows Vista - Instructional Video
Mac OSX - Instructional Video