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CLE Partnerships
Would you like to partner with the Alumni Relations office and certify your organization's guest lecture for CLE credit? This would allow your members to meet alumni interested in this topic. If so, email Molly Brummond.

Contact Patty Cavanagh in the Dean's Office Rm. 103 to make your room reservation and also fill out the Speaker/Event Form.

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The student newsletter comes out on Mondays. Articles need to be submitted to Lisa Lightner by Thursday at noon.


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If you have reimbursement questions contact:

Shelley Reed
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12 McCollum Hall

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  • September 4, 12:10 p.m., room 125
  • October 9, 12:10 p.m., room 125
  • November 6, 12:10 p.m., room 125

AV Information

In order to efficiently support student organizations use of technology for meetings, programs or other activities, it is important to request I.T. & A/V assistance in advance of your event, and for someone from your student organization be trained on the operation of the equipment.

If you plan to use any kind of classroom technology including projectors or microphones/audio equipment, you must request I.T. assistance using our AV REQUEST FORM.

Below are the general guidelines.  

  1. A student organization representative must arrange to meet with I.T. staff to receive training at least 24 hours prior to the event. (15 minutes before a speaker is scheduled to speak is not sufficient time).
  2. If a student organization needs to use technology in a classroom or AV equipment, an organization representative must reserve a classroom with the Dean’s office a minimum of 24 hours before the event AND fill out the A/V Request Form
  3. If your faculty sponsor is present, they must log-on to the classroom system to provide you the use of classroom technology (including PowerPoint presentations!) for your event. 
    If your faculty sponsor cannot be present, you must use the Request Form to schedule IT staff to log on to the computer for you. 
    Student accounts are restricted and cannot log on to any classroom PC. 
  4. Student organizations wishing to record an event in any fashion, including audio recordings or digital video recordings, must first obtain permission from the speaker. This is not the responsibility of the IT department.
  5. Student organization representatives are responsible for properly turning off the classroom projector and logging off classroom technology and/or returning tech equipment when they have reserved a classroom or borrowed equipment.
  6. NOTE: Lunch or after-hours events will not have technical assistance available if prior notice was not given by submitting an A/V Request Form. 
    Most requests need to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance - After-Hours requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance to allow the I.T. department sufficient time to arrange their schedule to meet your needs!
If you have any questions about the technology available to you or its' operation, please contact a member of Law College I.T. - our contact information is available on our page at

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