Updated: August 2010

The University of Nebraska College of Law Office of Career Services' policy concerning placement assistance provided to students/graduates of other law schools is as follows:

1. Requests for reciprocity must be received from a career services representative, preferably via email (, and should include the student/graduate's graduation date and current e-mail address, and a copy of the requesting school's reciprocity policy.

2. Services are available to students/graduates of law schools that provide privileges to students/graduates of the University of Nebraska College of Law. Students/graduates of other Nebraska law schools are not eligible.

3. Reciprocity is offered at the discretion of the Director of Career Services and may be adjusted or terminated at any time.

4. The requesting law school's career services office will be notified when reciprocity has been granted, and a copy of the notification will be sent to the student/graduate. The student/graduate is required to bring a copy of the letter granting reciprocity to the initial office visit.

5. Services granted will be adjusted to mirror the terms and services of the requesting school (including blackout periods, if applicable).

Standard services are provided for a period of two months and include:

  • access to hard-copy reference materials in the resource room (Room 179C)
  • access to online job postings

6. Renewal requests will be handled as new requests for reciprocity.

Requests for reciprocity, or questions regarding this policy, should be directed to:


 Reciprocity Coordinator
University of Nebraska College of Law
Career Services Office
P.O. Box 830902
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0902

Telephone: (402) 472-5130
Fax: (402) 472-6795


Student in classroom