Women in the Law Networking Event

Welcome! We are happy to extend our assistance to University of Nebraska College of Law alumni. Whether you are a recent graduate or nearing retirement, our doors are open to you. As a graduate, you have access to:

  • Job postings.

  • Web resources such as ROSCOE and the CSO Guides.

  • General job-search counseling.

  • Resume and cover letter review.

  • Reciprocity with other law schools.

All of our services are coordinated through ROSCOE, the College of Law’s online system for career opportunities and education. You can find more information about ROSCOE here.

Hire a UNL law student or alumnus

If you are looking to hire a UNL law student, we can assist you with your recruiting needs. Please go to our Employers page for more information or call us directly at (402) 472-5130.


Volunteer Alumni Career Advisors

As an alumnus of the College of Law you are also eligible for our professional network of volunteer career advisors. To learn more about this please contact us at (402) 472-5130.