Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study                           Downloadable PDF

The Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study is designed for students who seek to develop their understanding of business law doctrine and transactional skills during their time at the College of Law. The Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study has three purposes:

  1. to recommend those courses the faculty believes are important for the student and to encourage students to develop the skills and knowledge of doctrines necessary to be an effective and competent attorney advising clients on business transactions;
  2. to sequence those courses in such a way that students will gain maximum benefit from the skills and doctrines the courses teach; and
  3. to recognize the achievements of those students completing the Business Program of Concentrated Study.

The faculty recognizes that, among other skills, effective and competent business lawyers must have the ability to analyze and work with substantive doctrines in a variety of areas and the ability to bring to their practices the perspectives of different schools of thought and different disciplines. Therefore, the faculty also encourages students participating in the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study to take a broad sampling of courses that emphasize different areas of the law and the perspectives of different disciplines.

Students are encouraged to declare their intention to participate in the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study as early as possible, so they can plan their course of studies appropriately.

The College of Law will recognize a student who successfully completes the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study by making a notation on the student’s transcript and by awarding the student with a certificate of recognition at the time of the student’s graduation. Completion of the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study does not certify one as an expert in business law, but merely recognizes that one has completed courses in certain basic areas essential to lawyers advising clients on business transactions.

Required Courses

Accounting for Lawyers (2 credit hours) (requirement waived if the student successfully completed at least three semester hours of basic accounting as an undergraduate or graduate student)

Taxation – Individual Income Tax (4 credit hours)

Business Associations (4 credit hours)

Taxation – Corporate (3 credit hours) [Prerequisite: Taxation-Individual Income Tax]

Securities Regulation (3 credit hours) [Prerequisite: Business Associations][Must be taken as a 2L.]

Business Planning (3 credit hours) [Prerequisites: Taxation-IndividualIncome Tax; Business Associations; Taxation-Corporate]

Other Recommended Courses

Students participating in the Business Transactions Program of Concentrated Study are strongly encouraged to take:
  • Evidence
  • At least one course with an international component
  • At least one Uniform Commercial Code course

The following courses are also recommended:

  • Arbitration
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning Problems
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Banking Law
  • Criminal Law II
  • Insurance Law
  • International Business Transactions
  • Investment Companies and Investment Advisers
  • Labor Law
  • Pension and Employee Benefits
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Tax Policy Seminar
  • Taxation-Farm & Ranch
  • Taxation-International
  • Taxation-Partnership
  • Unfair Competition