Spring 2014 First Week Assignments - Upperclass
Arms Control
Professor Beard

If you have not already done so, please activate your WESTLAW account – then go to the TWEN page and register for this course so you can access the following assignments:

Thucydides, the Melian Dialogue

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Political Realism in International Relations” (July 26, 2010), Intro & Sec.1.1 on the Melian Dialogue

Criminal Procedure
Professor Gardner

For our first meeting (January 13, 2014) please read the following in the casebook: pp. 1 - 24 (lightly); 69-85; 99-107

Juvenile Law
Professor Gardner

For the first class meeting (January 13, 2014) please read the following in the casebook: pp. 1 - 33

Products Liability Seminar
Professor Lawson

Chapter 1: Introduction to Products Liability and Safety Law (pp. 1-40);

Chapter 2: Negligence (Theories of Manufacturer Liability) (41-77)

Public Health Law
Professor Lawson

Please read these chapters from Turnock’s Essentials of Public Health (2d ed. 2012):

Mon., 1/13     Chapter 1: What is Public Health? (1-20)

Tues., 1/14     Chapter 2: Health from an Ecological Perspective (21-50)


                       Chapter 3: Public Health and the Health System (51-76)